Copywriting Tips: How to Keep Readers Stay on Your Website Longer

Did you know that people now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish? Whereas the lowly goldfish will easily lose focus after nine seconds, humans tend to get distracted after eight, according to a 2015 study conducted by Microsoft Corp.

That is a serious concern if you’re into digital marketing services.

According to Chart beat, a tech company that provides data and analytics to global publishers, around 40% of visitors leave a page after spending less than 15 seconds there. It added that those who stay to read an article for three minutes would return to the site twice more than those who spend just a minute to read there.

But with people’s attention span hovering around a mere eight seconds, keeping them engaged seems to be a tall order even as it’s simply your priority, whether you’re a blogger, a copywriter, or a would-be influencer.

To help you connect and engage with your audience, you can turn to experts in the field such as a copywriting agency in Singapore. But if you’re one who doesn’t mind the hard work, here are eight things to keep in mind that will help you create a most effective copy not only in engaging your audience for more than eight seconds but, most importantly, compel them to act positively:

1-Research and Finalize Your Target Audience.

Knowing who is most likely to read and enjoy your piece should be on top of your to-do list. Ask yourself, who are you writing for? The answer will guide you on what tone of voice to take if it’s formal or informal, serious or matter-of-fact. You need to resonate with your audience, and the only way to do that is to know who they are in the first place.

2.Be Creative!

This is getting to sound more and more like a cliché, but it’s a piece of advice that has so far stood the test of time. With tons of digital content produced daily for specific audiences, how can yours stand out? You can try a unique angle or hook, which is actually the objective of digital marketing, whether you’re in Singapore or anywhere in the world. A recent soda ad in the Philippines, for example, got a ton of positive social media mileage because it was “weird” (the common comment), showing a son with drinking glasses attached to his back and his mother hiding a bottle of the soft drink in her head, literally.

3.Raise a Question That User Says “Yes” in His Mind.

Do you know why those infomercials are so popular? It’s because they usually open with a segment showing everyday problems that people have while asking them, “Have you experienced this…?” It is then followed by presenting the solution to those problems. By asking questions that address your readers’ concerns/problems/hardships and then giving them the possible answers to such, they will be ready to say yes by the time you get to your call to action.

4.Emotions Matter!

People will always be creatures of emotion. They make decisions based on how they feel at the moment. Making your pitch something personal to them is more likely to engage them better.

5.Don’t Explain Too Much With Unnecessary Information.

Winston Churchill once famously said, “A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.” While this may not be the most politically correct assertion now, it does make a lot of sense from a copywriting point of view. Churchill was also a master when it comes to powerful language, using inspiring words that appealed to emotions and provoked action. You can do that too by carefully choosing words that elicit inspiration and can persuade. Just be mindful that powerful words usually don’t mean highfalutin words.

6.Try to Utilize the Right Tools.

This does not mean merely using your computer’s spell and grammar checker on your finished copy. There are a lot of online tools that can safeguard your creation against grammatical errors and plagiarism. You would do well to invest in such applications and software.

7.Build Trust.

Give credit where credit is due. If you need to use other’s works to highlight or emphasize a point in your copy, then make sure you acknowledge them. Keep in mind, though, to use information from credible sources such as well established organizations, government/university-backed studies and surveys, and the like.

8.CTA (Call-To-Action) is a Must!

Finally, when all is said and done, you need to goad your audience into doing the ultimate thing your copy is meant to do: Click on that button, whether it’s to make a purchase or join your mailing list or subscription. A strong call to action doesn’t just say “Click here” but describes the positive outcome that can be had by the audience (“Join the adventure,” “Start your new life”).

Digital information may be overwhelming people today, but yours need not add to their burden. By keeping in mind these eight tips for a better copy, you might just be able to keep your readers engaged for more than eight seconds.

Social Media Marketing 101: How to Drive Sales Through Social Media the ~Right~ Way

Let’s face it: It has been an *intense* year for everyone, including many businesses, big and small. The global health crisis, on top of the regular pain of selling (Yes, we’re talking about those countless calls and messages and uninterested, even hostile prospects!) is, without a doubt, very frustrating to deal with.

But we think all is not lost yet. Social media and online platforms still exist. In the advent of the “new normal,” with people worrying about being out in the open, businesses weather through with their online presence.

However, this is where the hard part comes in. Highlighting your brand to grab a share of the market is not as easy as it sounds. Even though businesses have the option to seek help from digital marketing agencies, not everyone wants the price tag for this service on their books. This is especially true because building a social media persona takes a lot of time and a lot of trial-and-error.

So, to help you build a credible online presence, here are some things that you could do to improve your chances of driving sales through your social media accounts.

Make Sure Your Social Strategy and Your Customers are Aligned.

Nowadays, experts almost always do away with the one-size-fits-all approach from yesteryear. Why? Because they do not work. The little reminder to personalize your messages and tailor your experiences to those of your customers is important for your digital marketing efforts to pay off. Get to know your customers—from surveys to social listening—and find where they are most comfortable before you strike. A closer look into the minds of your prospects will change the very essence of what would be your best marketing strategy.  After all, the best way to remain relevant is to make sure that you are indeed relevant.

Don’t Write too Little, Don’t Write too Much.

It’s an old classic: quality versus quantity. It is easy to associate establishing an online presence with creating so much content by mistake. The possibility of losing SEO traction is a genuine fear (and not an entirely incorrect one) for many organizations. However, let’s not forget about the opportunity cost associated with this, shall we?

As a social media agency in Singapore, here’s our advice: Understand the difference between consistent content and too much content. Then, circle back to what you know about your customers, capture their touchpoints, and improve your marketing communications. When you do, you’re likely to foster loyalty like no other. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to create superfans.

Speaking of superfans…

Rapport Building Can Be Helpful.

This is the best way to tap into good old FOMO (fear of missing out). Getting people to cultivate this fear and link into your brand is fine. That is if you can pull it off. If not, then go the old-fashioned way: Tap into the connectors, friends, fans, and superfans and turn up the self-awareness of your network. Sounds like a lot of work? Well, an unconnected network with no social capital is a colossal waste. Welcome to social media marketing.

Connect it back to the business.

BDC Business Consultant Chris O’Shea said, “People don’t want to be sold to.” We agree. But social media is one of the most productive places these days. And while businesses want to build networks of like-minded people, at the end of the day, they need to turn a profit.

Pro tip: Display your expectations before you even start interacting with your brand’s fans. Remember, honesty creates trust, which secures future relationships.

Don’t Be too Pushy With Your Content

Rather than pulling off a pushy attitude, making your social media content into something that offers additional value for your customers is a great campaign strategy. In this era of possessive digital natives who see social platforms as “their” permanent companion, a colonizing salesperson who leaves people feeling ugly will have an impact that counts—though it will be against you.

Pave the Way for Your Audience to Buy on Your Social Media.

In places with advanced technology, social media platforms are valued companions with a significant impact on life and digital environments. A report published by Statista Research Department says that for technologically developed countries like Singapore, social media marketing works for up to 55 percent of marketers “because it is easy to reach a wider group of customers.” Likewise, these platforms are already the most accessible network so making it easy to purchase via these channels, through these initiatives, is a great marketing move.

  • The Shoppable Posts Can Drive Sales to You.

They said a picture paints a thousand words. Hence, Instagram. But, that’s not all. In 2016, Instagram also launched the Shoppable Posts—a little gift that makes tagging and online shopping a breeze.

  • Shoppable Tags Can be Used in Your Stories and Its Pretty Impactful

If others are on Facebook, some marketers prefer Instagram. Why? Because about 70% of online shoppers find their products via Instagram and over 130 million clicks on a shopping post at least once a month. If this isn’t an opportunity, then we don’t know what it is. Of course, if you get the shoppable tags, on top of the aesthetics down pat, what else would you need.

Don’t Forget Your Call to Action

Calls to action (CTAs) may sound simple, but for digital marketing agencies like us, this is a low-investment prompt to take that oh-so-important final step. Simple CTAs paired with valuable content makes the difference between a potential (level 1) fan and a superfan (top-level), as it builds trust and authority and creates optimal opportunities.

  • Instagram’s “Shop Now” Function, Don’t Miss It

People know how to shop. But if for some godforsaken reason you decide that you need proof before you believe it, look no further. We could point you to indisputable proofs that will tell you that embedded buy buttons create contextual buying experiences that your customers love. This powerful “end-game” is, no doubt, an unbelievable strategy to bump up your sales.

The concept of social media marketing spans a wide spectrum. As we all know by now, it goes beyond mere content creation and network-building. Social media has become very nuanced in that, for consumers, the opportunity to identify with more suitable brands to connect with goes beyond mere preferences. But even if you, as a brand, do identify with one community, proving yourself to be an ally who understands the language in consumer terms can still take a lot of work. (And yes, if you do not wish to go through this pain, going to digital marketing agencies will always be an option.)

How to Promote Your Brand Using Instagram Posts Effectively

“A picture paints a thousand words.”  This old saying still stands true in the age of Instagram. With almost everyone having a camera phone and a reliable internet connection, people nowadays can create and share amazing photos in an instant.  Without the need for deep and lengthy captions, these pictures effectively convey messages and spread like wildfire to your social network.

If you’re thinking of a way to effectively promote your brand without saying too much, get ready to paint your marketing words through Instagram photos.  Doing social media marketing in Singapore won’t be complete without using “Instagram-worthy” photos to catch the attention of your target market.

Here’s a simple guide on how to promote your brand and drive sales through Instagram marketing.

Quickly Move to a Business Account and Optimize it.

To make the most of Instagram, you have to get a business account that will give you access to business features and Instagram Insights. Don’t forget to optimize your business profile. With just one quick look at your Instagram page, people need to know the basics about your business: a brief description of your products or services, your contact details, your credentials, and a link to your company website or online shop.

Before You Post, Your Content Think If the Post Add Any Value to Your Followers

Creating an Instagram Business Account is just a warm-up for the intense work-out. Now, it’s time to flex those creative muscles and start thinking of Instagram posts that your target market will love. People on Instagram want something that can give them ideas or mentally satisfy their cravings. So share creative and professional lifestyle photos that will highlight what’s great about your brand. Share Instagram posts that show everyday scenarios,  as well as fun culture or lifestyle where your brand can stand out.

Don’t Only Rely On Instagram, Share Your Content On Other Social Media Platforms

The more, the merrier. It’s a cliché that still works in the world of social media marketing. Maximize your content by sharing it across multiple channels. The wider the network it reaches, the better. When it comes to cross-posting content, use a scheduling and publishing tool to make your life easier.

Try to Engage With Your Followers and Build a Connection with Them

To turn followers into loyal customers, you need to start a relationship with them.  And since it’s impossible to ask each of these followers on a coffee date, you’ve got to make friends with them by engaging with them at the very least.  Respond enthusiastically to their comments. Run a fun online contest that will reward them with a giveaway product. Make a special shout-out to followers who care to like and share your posts.

For more strategies on how to engage with your followers, you can consult a social media agency in Singapore.

Not Only Monitor but Measure Your Success As Well.

You can’t be complacent in the world of Instagram.  You have to work on maintaining your success by keeping track of your current standing. Make use of social media analytics tools to get the information you need.  Once you gain your audience insight, you can already set your goals and plan an optimized Instagram posting schedule.

Don’t Forget to Cooperate With Other Micro-Influencers

Whether they’re celebrities or new content creators, influencers can help you reach a wider network. Influencer marketing is another huge ball game, and it may require a lot of tasks such as coordination, screening qualified influencers, and monitoring reach. Digital marketing agencies can help you in this area.

Optimize your Hashtags, They Are Extremely Important

Don’t underestimate the value of hashtags. When you hit the appropriate hashtags, you’ll realize that it really helps in sharing your posts. So experiment on both industry and branded hashtags which can make it easier for people to find your brand based on their interests.

Explore the Tagging Features and Implement it Effectively

Other than hashtags, another effective way to promote your Instagram posts is through tagging.  Tag brands, locations, or your followers when applicable.  Tagging others to your posts that are relevant to them can widen the reach of your content.

Instagram Stories Can Take You to the Next Level

Instagram users get excited to use different features of the platform, so take advantage of Instagram’s features like the popular Instagram Stories. Stories are a good way to share user-generated posts or the behind-the-scenes moments of your business.

Paid Promotion Can Boost Your Conversion

While organic posts are great, you can also always rely on the benefits of paying to promote your Instagram post. This helps enhance your audience targeting, boost brand awareness, and track your success. When using Instagram to promote your brand, keep in mind that your followers like and engage with posts that add value to them. Make their social media time worth it by adding quality content to their feeds. Follow the tips above and make the most of your Instagram marketing.