How to choose the right website developer in Singapore?

When you start an online business, there are many decisions that can make or break your growth. Choosing the right website developer in Singapore is more important than you may think, since user experience is now a factor in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) algorithms.

If you need help to decide which website developer to choose, here are 4 factors to consider.

1. The Type of Website You want to Build:

With the huge and continuously expanding global community, it is no longer sufficient to have any type of website. Ecommerce website developers, for example, will tell you that the way they construct websites for their industry requires different logistics and functions.

Websites can be very different, even in size. Google, Amazon and Facebook are all websites, but developing sites which have billions of traffic will be worlds apart from a personal blog. This is why eCommerce companies in Singapore need to be clear about your goals, and check on the website developer if they can fulfill your purpose.

2. Ensure that Your Website Developer Can Meet Your After Support Services:

A website for selling is different from a website that seeks to inform. Websites for small businesses which are usually for announcements would not need a specialist for Woocommerce maintenance.

If you decide to have your entire marketing activities online, including actual buying and selling, with add to cart functions and checkouts, then you would need to have access to constant, 24/7 support. If there are any glitches in the website, especially if there are online transactions and actual payments.

There are reported cases where Ecommerce sites have stalled transactions at checkout. Nothing irks a customer more than taking time to search for a product that they like, only to be unable to make the purchase because of a glitch in the website. The support needs to react right away.

3. Evaluate Your Cost:

It is advisable to go all in on your website developer. For Woocommerce website developers, they can set up a fully functional eCommerce website that can provide point of sales services. All of these come with a price.

Your website developer must be on the same page with what you want to build, and also, the amount of your budget, and be ready to offer a package that covers the initial design all the way to ongoing regular maintenance costs.

Your website developer in Singapore will understand that the priority is to get the website and up and running. It would not help the small business owners if the website developers drop a heavy charge up front. It should be a constructive partnership where the charges can be made as the website and the business start to make profits.

4. Incorporating Social Media:

Social media is where the people on the internet choose to hang out. People will spend almost half their time on the web scrolling to news feeds of various social media platforms. eCommerce companies in Singapore will need to reach these netizens, and the website developers in Singapore should enable social media access with the touch of a button.

When a company website has social media functions, that encourages comments and opinions. It gives more credibility to the site. From a reader’s standpoint, the impression is that the company is receptive to their opinion and they also have nothing to hide.

Website development for eCommerce companies in Singapore-

since the customers are very vocal and active on the internet. They are not hesitant to voice their opinion and give honest reviews. Website developers should provide Woocommerce maintenance for any bugs and respond quickly.

When the website is up, that is only the start of the partnership between the business owner and the website developer in Singapore. The right website developer should be well aware of this.

Can We Use Both SEO and SEM Strategy through a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency should employ all possible methods to gain a good position for their client. Search engine optimization (SEO) and Search engine marketing (SEM) are complementary methods as progress in one could help the other. They have similar purposes (gain better position in the search engine results pages) but different approaches.

SEO began as a marketing strategy but has evolved into a “code of conduct” for website content and functionality. As search engines shifted their algorithms to emphasize quality of content and the credibility of the information given.

SEM deals with calibrated paid ads that are designed to appear on search engine results pages when a user searches for certain targeted keywords. Thus, the main difference of the two is that SEO deals with growing an organic audience, so that will take time. SEM has faster results, but it will only generate traffic while the ads are in place.

Can We Use Both?

Digital marketing agencies are likely to recommend both SEM and SEO to their clients. While they both rely on keywords and their primary purpose is to generate traffic to your site, the mechanics, timeline and results are different.

One way to describe how SEO and SEM work together is to imagine building a garden. SEO are seeds which will take time to grow, while SEM are potted plants that are already grown. Both will contribute to the development of the garden, but the seeds, like SEO, are a continuing process of growth, while the potted plants are noticeable right away.

In a similar fashion, SEO and SEM contribute to driving traffic to your site, but SEO, when correctly cultivated, will have continuing benefits for the longer term. This is why SEO in Singapore calls them “organic.” There is a natural increase in traffic when you practice SEO in Singapore.

Difference of Content

SEO practices hinge on website content quality and sensible usage of relevant keywords. “Quality” aside from general standards in content, is also defined by the search engine algorithm. Thus, there is always a need to update and adjust.

SEM service is hinged on paid ads, but these are not the same as regular ads. Top digital marketing agencies will formulate the most cost efficient SEM strategy to maximize your budget by choosing the right keywords and ad parameters. Thus, they need to know what keyword combinations are being used by your target audience when they search for products and services.

How They Work Together?

SEM Service is based on bidding, so digital marketing agencies need to be very strategic on what keywords they want to bid. At the same time, there is also an overall quality score of the ad you will be posting.

Evaluating the quality of the ad is based on parameters similar to SEO values. The quality of the content, organic usage of keywords, and the overall credibility of the website are factors. Thus, SEO should be considered as a standard operational procedure for websites, including their SEM strategy. Paid ads will give a boost to your marketing effort while the foundation of SEO is built. This will ensure continuous traffic on your website.

There is also a difference between the quality of visitors. For SEM services, the visitors are likely to convert as customers because they were already searching for the keyword in the first place. This is why it is a very effective strategy since the users are already interested to begin with.

SEM programs are limited, since they are paid ads. Also, there is no guarantee that you will always win the bid. This is why SEO is always important. It is the lifeblood of any successful website.

8 things to consider before you choose your SEO expert in Singapore

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be very complex and tedious to follow for most businesses. It is a wise recourse to hire an SEO service in Singapore so you can concentrate on product development and general marketing.

However, the performance of your online marketing strategy and SEO depends a great deal on choosing the right SEO agency who can navigate the Singapore SEO industry. Here are some things to consider before you seal the deal.

1. Consider your target market: The SEO expert in Singapore should understand the demands and habits of the Singaporeans. The social media agency should keep abreast with the dynamic trends, and be able to gauge the possible reaction of the country’s internet users.
For the international audience, the SEO service should employ a different strategy altogether.

2. Consider Your Costs: There are SEO service agencies that charge a comprehensive package for your company that includes content creation and social media management. The SEO expert should charge a reasonable price commensurate to reasonable expectations. If they charge extra for analytics and monitoring, that could lead to more expenses.

3. Consider the Social Media Experience: Your SEO expert should also be adept at social media. Even if you intend to hire a separate social media manager, the SEO expert should at least be savvy with current trends and is able to employ different approaches for different audiences, just like you have different approaches to social media platforms.

4. Consider Your Expectations: You should also have more ideas about how SEO works, and this way you can temper your expectations. If you understand the dynamics of SEO and how it is not an exact science, you will not be deceived by unrealistic guarantees. The best strategy is to employ best practices, but no SEO expert can assure that you will always top the SERP.

5. Consider the Word of Mouth: SEO experts should have portfolios of the companies that he has served. If it’s possible, you may contact them for feedback on their partnership with your prospect. Did he have specific and measurable deliverables? Were they delivered on time? These could be confidential questions, and you would have to respect that, but overall feedback could also be helpful.

6. Consider the capacity to innovate: When faced with a dynamic industry like SEO, aside from being able to keep track and adapt, a valuable trait is the ability to innovate. At some point, you may have to veer away from the traditional strategies and best practices and formulate your own strategy, specifically on the content management side. In the past, keyword frequency was the rage until SEO experts figured that the algorithm was already rejecting this practice, so they needed to focus their content on quality and backlinks.The search engines will not directly tell you what to do. The SEO experts have to figure out the reason for the drop, and they have to work a strategy to ace the new algorithm.

7. Consider the legalities: We all want results and while we did mention that SEO demands innovation, there are also legalities and limitations involved. Make sure that your SEO expert employs only white hat techniques. Otherwise, there are grave penalties for violating the search engines’ rules and regulations. They emphasize compliance and violation could result in being knocked off the index.

8. Consider the Big Picture: Your SEO expert can dictate the direction of your online marketing effort. He may not be a direct employee, but at the very least, your concept of success, your goal-setting must be aligned. It would be better if he would adapt to your company culture and if he has a firm grasp of Singapore SEO, but consider that in this partnership, you are putting your and your company’s reputation on the line.