How to Choose the Best Website Maintenance Service in Singapore?

Website Maintenance Services are crucial for any online business. The very basic requirement is a functional website that can provide a satisfying user experience. With users having access to millions of sites, it does not take long before they move on to other options if a website does not function.

The appearance, presentation and content of the website will draw in the visitors, but the user experience will determine whether they will stay or move on. These metrics are being tracked as the bounce rate, average time on the site, and average pages per site. If you are on a WordPress site, then wordpress support services are the key to establish the continued connection between the visitors and your site, so choosing the right website maintenance packages is important.

1. What a Website Maintenance Service company should provide

In order to choose a website maintenance plan service provider, you must ensure that the package includes the essential services. Website hosting, domain renewal and optimization for mobile are must-haves for an online business. However, the service only begins when the site goes live.

A wordpress maintenance service provider should check for plugin and software updates, test website speed and check for broken links. Some of the new WordPress maintenance packages could also offer to provide blog content, update design, photos and graphics; and analyze website security.

These are the services that should be expected from a website maintenance service, and for WordPress users, there should also be consistent updates for the exclusive features of those domains, like plugins and themes.

2. Why Website Maintenance is Important

The main reason for website maintenance is user experience. Your website must function and follow through on all the features that they claim to offer. This is essential as there are thousands of options, and even on the search engine results page, there are numerous results that also offer what you do. Website maintenance should ensure that Error 404 is avoided or minimized, and that users can have access to the site 24 hours a day.

Customer experience is very important as almost 89% of businesses competition is based on their online experience. Did they have no hassles on placing their order? Did they have no glitches on checking out? How many convenient payment options were available?

If you have good SEO and many people were drawn to your product, but experienced hitches when they were making the purchase, they could be diverted to your competitors’ sites. This is why choosing a reliable Website maintenance service is pivotal to your business.

3. The Website Maintenance Service You Need

Trust is a very important element in online businesses, and websites are the platform that builds the relationship between your business and the customer. A reliable website maintenance service should establish their consistency.

As WordPress is a widely used platform, WordPress support services should be part of the service, and it should include the performance of standard features, plugins, and personalization options.

Aside from consistency and standard performance, Website and WordPress maintenance should have the capacity to implement your SEO strategy in their website and ensure that it is applied to your website’s content. Better website maintenance service providers have the option of providing and curating content.

Conclusion: Website maintenance services begin with hosting, which includes performance and functionality. Website maintenance and WordPress maintenance are valuable for the user experience as the sites create the first impression for the customers. If they are inconsistent and unreliable, that would reflect on your brand and even your product.

WordPress maintenance packages have also included content creation and curation, which should also include compliance with the SEO strategy that the digital marketing agency would seek to implement.

In short, website maintenance needs to bring visions into reality through the website, and ensure that the smooth functionality of that website.

The Future eCommerce: Trends to Watch in 2021

In this era, more and more activities have been transferred online. As people begin to realize that staying home can be feasible with online options. If they can work at home, they can shop at home.

eCommerce websites will continue their rapid growth, and your eCommerce website designer should be ready to keep up with trends this 2021 that will usher in the future of the eCommerce industry.

New Payment Options Will Emerge 

More and more payment options will continue to emerge, and they will have to innovate with new features to encourage shoppers to make the switch. Many customers are tied to certain brands because they can cater to their preferred payment method, but expect that more brands will tie-up with digital payment companies to offer diverse payment options like cryptocurrencies and variations of digital wallets.

Dynamic Pricing Software

When there are hundreds of eCommerce sites selling the same set of products, the pricing becomes the variable element. eCommerce website developers will have to adopt dynamic pricing. Dynamic pricing software can determine the most competitive pricing for your product based on competitors at a given time.

eCommerce in Singapore has been very competitive in the past year, and eCommerce website developers need to take advantage of any edge over the other sites.

Shift to Mobile Arena

People are spending more time on their mobile phones than ever before, so most day-to-day activities are now being done on the mobile arena. eCommerce website developers need to ensure that their sites are mobile-friendly, not the same dynamics of the desktop site.

It is projected that over 70% of eCommerce transactions would be made on the mobile platform.
As consumers’ trust in online shopping increases, they feel more comfortable making purchases using their mobile devices. That is a huge market share, so web developers in Singapore should conduct regular checks like the Google Mobile-Friendly test, to check on the possible glitches on the mobile site.

Voice-Activated Transactions

Another innovation that will pick up in the next year is voice activation. There was much hesitation when the technology was introduced, but the later iterations have become more reliable and accurate.

Digital assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri have taken over the task of manually placing orders, among other functions. More people will soon rely on them when they realize that these digital assistants would rarely place an order by accident, and they offer much convenience.

Using Alexa or Siri can conduct accurate, personalized searches, and having them make suggestions for your dietary or nutritional needs is also a good application. It is also convenient for placing repeat orders, since that has a low margin of error.

Use of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has more applications than just the gaming sector. eCommerce website designers have seen the potential of using this technology to simulate user experience. It has also been used in real estate and tourism, creating virtual vacation teasers for site visitors. eCommerce website developers should be able to integrate this technology for these industries.

If your eCommerce website designer can enhance the presentation of your product or use that technology to clearly illustrate the benefits of your service, then you can be a step ahead of your competition.

The use of technology like voice activation and augmented reality enhance the user experience, while dynamic pricing and additional payment options make it more economical and convenient to shop online. The continued development of these innovations will continue the eCommerce revolution.

10 Metrics of Good Website Design

The website design for your business should not just inform–it should be the centerpiece of your brand since it is your window to the world. Your website design company in Singapore is responsive to your suggestions, ensuring that the site reflects your vision, while complying to the top 10 metrics of good website design.

1. Consistent With Your Brand

From the color palette to the font, a website design should be reflective of your company’s branding. If you want to project a youthful, vibrant image, or a classic, upscale vibe, the website should clearly reflect that. The website developer in Singapore has to present a distinctive design that can easily be recognized.

2. Generates Organic Traffic

Your website design company in Singapore should cooperate with your SEO team. As they position your website in the search engine results pages, your website should be ready, and it should be able to generate organic traffic by providing an optimum user experience. Website design agencies make it easier for you to track the emerging organic traffic.

3. Low Bounce Rate

As more people arrive at your website, it is now the work of the website developer who is on the clock. You have their curiosity but you need to make them stay long enough to see your products and services. The metric is called bounce rate, and a low bounce rate means visitors stay longer. This metric can reveal website design flaws that should be addressed.

4. Updated Information

Your website developer in Singapore should ensure that the information on the site is updated. The busy netizens want the convenience of seeing everything they need to know at the onset. If the information on the site is outdated or inaccurate, it could affect your site’s integrity. Aside from losing return visits, it could even affect your quality score.

5. Average Time per Visit

Visits are just the first step. The bounce rate deals with how quick the visitors leave. The average time per visit looks at the “golden mean.” If the average time per visit is too low, then the website design may be unattractive. If it’s too long, you may need to check the loading speed and functionality which increases the waiting time.

6. Functionality

The basic requirement of a website is functionality. Even if you draw attention, if they click on the menu and they could not access the options, they would likely leave. Website designers should ensure that all access points are functional. Users could forgive occasional glitches over consistently poor performance.

7. High Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is often associated with sales, but the term also includes sign-ups and registrations for email messages or follows on social media. Your website developer in Singapore should not be locked in on the sale, sounding too much like a salesman. The goal should also include building connections.

8. No Broken Links

Part of the search engine algorithm is the credibility of your website. If your links are broken, or even lead to shady websites, then your credibility could drop. Always conduct routine checks of your backlinks.

9. Appropriate Innovation

Having the latest visual technology on your website leaves an impression that your service is innovative. However, you may overdo it by placing irrelevant technological features that do not offer clarity to the users.

10. Accurate Emphasis

What is the final impression that a user takes away after they visit your website? Website design companies in Singapore should ask this question frequently. There might be too many distractions on the site, or you may be emphasizing other aspects instead of your product.