8 Red Flags to Watch When Choosing an SEO Agency in Singapore

1. Your SEO Agency is Solely Focused on the Search Engine

While SEO is centered on the search engine by definition, the end goal is not to rank, but to bring quality visitors to your website. The top SEO company in Singapore does not lose sight of this goal. If an SEO agency does not take the time to listen and discuss your goals, then it should be a red flag.

If the SEO consultant only recommends search engine placement remedies, then it is a sign that they do not have dynamic, agile strategies.

2.Your SEO Agency Refuses to Discuss Your Budget Limitations

This is especially true for the startup companies. SEO Agencies should be partners in the company’s growth. The top SEO experts in Singapore form bonds with their clients and are deeply involved with the company’s rise in stature.

If an SEO agency demands upfront payment and does not offer possible adjustments to the package, they may not be concerned about helping you grow your company and only care about their income.

3. Your SEO Agency Disregards Content Quality

The SEO experts in Singapore will confirm that the phrase “Content is King” is not an exaggeration at all. Quality content is valuable not just for the search engines but most especially for the users.

If your SEO consultant is willing to cut corners on developing quality content, they may not be up to date with the current SEO criteria. What’s even worse is that low content quality may even reflect on your site’s overall credibility and reputation. This can cause negative effects on your site and your business long after you have ceased your relationship with the SEO agency.

4. Your SEO Agency Guarantees Top Ranking in Search Engines

In almost any industry, the adage that “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” holds true. It is easy to make promises that are pleasing to the senses, but you must also analyze if those are actually achievable. Most SEO experts will tell you that no one can guarantee with absolute certainty that they can get the number 1 rank in the search engine rankings page.

There are best industry practices and they also evolve over time since the search engines also change their algorithms. An SEO agency that makes an unattainable guarantee will likely fail to deliver on their promise.

5. Your SEO Agency Compromises on Integrity

Similar to making impossible guarantees, an SEO agency that compromises on integrity and adopts shady practices is likely to make other shortcuts just to prove that they kept their end of the bargain. What would happen is that you will get short-term results, but you would have to pay for it with long-term consequences.

One example is the practice of using backlinks without checking on the credibility of the links. If they are simply trying to reach a quota of backlinks, it may even be counter-productive. SEO agencies in Singapore warn that “dead links” and backlinks to sites with low credibility will also affect your own site’s reputation.

6. Your SEO Agency does not run Regular Website Audits

SEO consultants in Singapore cannot overstate the value of regular website audits. They understand that SEO is constantly evolving, and they need to keep up to date on whether their current methods are still effective or if they need to employ new strategies.

If an SEO agency refuses to update their strategy, then they may be left behind if the search engines eventually update their algorithms.

7. Your SEO Agency does not provide Client Support

The best SEO agencies in Singapore can provide a wide array of services, and this may include website maintenance. This service entails client support, and if your SEO agency is not willing to follow through, it may reflect on how reliable they will be in the future.

An SEO agency should be your partner, and they should show reasonable concern on the performance of your site and your business as a whole. Client support, whether for website maintenance or SEO updates, your partner should be communicative and helpful.

8. Your Website Receives Low Organic Traffic

One of the goals of SEO is to drive organic traffic to your website. It takes some time to develop this, but there should be marked improvements. Top SEO companies will remind you that site traffic is even more important than search engine placement, and is the result of a comprehensive and dynamic SEO strategy.

It could be the result of being too focused on the search engine, and that is a red flag that should have been avoided.

8 things to consider before you choose your SEO expert in Singapore

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be very complex and tedious to follow for most businesses. It is a wise recourse to hire an SEO service in Singapore so you can concentrate on product development and general marketing.

However, the performance of your online marketing strategy and SEO depends a great deal on choosing the right SEO agency who can navigate the Singapore SEO industry. Here are some things to consider before you seal the deal.

1. Consider your target market: The SEO expert in Singapore should understand the demands and habits of the Singaporeans. The social media agency should keep abreast with the dynamic trends, and be able to gauge the possible reaction of the country’s internet users.
For the international audience, the SEO service should employ a different strategy altogether.

2. Consider Your Costs: There are SEO service agencies that charge a comprehensive package for your company that includes content creation and social media management. The SEO expert should charge a reasonable price commensurate to reasonable expectations. If they charge extra for analytics and monitoring, that could lead to more expenses.

3. Consider the Social Media Experience: Your SEO expert should also be adept at social media. Even if you intend to hire a separate social media manager, the SEO expert should at least be savvy with current trends and is able to employ different approaches for different audiences, just like you have different approaches to social media platforms.

4. Consider Your Expectations: You should also have more ideas about how SEO works, and this way you can temper your expectations. If you understand the dynamics of SEO and how it is not an exact science, you will not be deceived by unrealistic guarantees. The best strategy is to employ best practices, but no SEO expert can assure that you will always top the SERP.

5. Consider the Word of Mouth: SEO experts should have portfolios of the companies that he has served. If it’s possible, you may contact them for feedback on their partnership with your prospect. Did he have specific and measurable deliverables? Were they delivered on time? These could be confidential questions, and you would have to respect that, but overall feedback could also be helpful.

6. Consider the capacity to innovate: When faced with a dynamic industry like SEO, aside from being able to keep track and adapt, a valuable trait is the ability to innovate. At some point, you may have to veer away from the traditional strategies and best practices and formulate your own strategy, specifically on the content management side. In the past, keyword frequency was the rage until SEO experts figured that the algorithm was already rejecting this practice, so they needed to focus their content on quality and backlinks.The search engines will not directly tell you what to do. The SEO experts have to figure out the reason for the drop, and they have to work a strategy to ace the new algorithm.

7. Consider the legalities: We all want results and while we did mention that SEO demands innovation, there are also legalities and limitations involved. Make sure that your SEO expert employs only white hat techniques. Otherwise, there are grave penalties for violating the search engines’ rules and regulations. They emphasize compliance and violation could result in being knocked off the index.

8. Consider the Big Picture: Your SEO expert can dictate the direction of your online marketing effort. He may not be a direct employee, but at the very least, your concept of success, your goal-setting must be aligned. It would be better if he would adapt to your company culture and if he has a firm grasp of Singapore SEO, but consider that in this partnership, you are putting your and your company’s reputation on the line.

8 Factors to Consider When Choosing SEO Agencies in 2021

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a necessity now for any company engaged in digital marketing. It is a good option for your company to invest in SEO experts, but the budget for an SEO consultant in Singapore can be costly. How can you be sure that you are dealing with the right one?

1.Define your SEO goals

As with any venture, you need to define your goals. When you approach SEO agencies, it is better to do more than just listen to their offers–you also need to let them know what you want to achieve. Ask for a plan of action that the SEO agency can present to reach your stated goals.

At the onset, you should ask for a straightforward response–do you need a totally new website or can you just improve your SEO practices with a consultant? The SEO industry in Singapore is competitive, so most of them are under pressure to deliver results.

2.Identify the techniques they utilize

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and for SEO agencies, there are metrics to check on the success rate of their technique. There are client confidentiality clauses in play, but checking on their keyword rankings, organic traffic, backlinks, organic click-through-rate are some key indicators.


Your online presence will be more valuable to your company as the years go by. It is best to invest wisely, especially if you are on a tight budget. Your SEO agency should be clear on what they can deliver based on your offer, but you must not compromise credibility for performance.

It is important to take note that Google hands out penalties to companies that do not comply with their guidelines. The last thing you need is to get a damaged reputation online, since the losses could far outweigh the initial cost.

4.Innovating and Adapting with New Tools

Since SEO is constantly evolving, the SEO agencies should be dynamic and adaptable. There will always be new challenges, and if your SEO consultant is a one-trick pony, they could easily be left behind. SEO is similar to Singapore’s culture of being unafraid to face changes and challenges, and ready to make the necessary adjustments. If it means that they have to innovate or learn on the fly, then they should be able to do pull it off.

5.Realistic Guarantees

Before engaging the services of Search Engine Optimization agencies, you should also familiarize yourself with what it is so you can make realistic expectations. Otherwise, you may be given guarantees by a sweet-talking consultant–guarantees that would be impossible to deliver.

SEO is not a static practice, and while there are best practices in the industry, they are always fluctuating, being revised around ever-changing algorithms. Look for an SEO agency’s consistency throughout the years, that is the best you can have, as no agency can predict exact Search engine result page (SERP) rankings.

6.Transparency and Credibility

Credibility is very important in SEO, and many of the algorithms has promoted the quality and relevance of content when they consider the rankings. SEO experts should be transparent about their track record. If they claim to have a perfect track record, it may be another case of an exaggerated guarantee.

SEO is an evolving science and a consultant should be open to admit that they had some misses. It is better to appreciate the honesty.

7.Think beyond SEO

You are looking for an SEO agency because SEO is important–but it is still a means to an end. Good SEO agencies understand that the ultimate goal is to increase site visits and engagements that lead to revenue. This is why they should be willing to think outside the box for solutions that contribute to the big picture. Check on the agency’s conversion rate to gain more insight into this.

8.Look for Customized Solutions, Not Just Generic Methods

Your SEO agency is your partner–that means you collaborate and communicate. It is not supposed to be a one-shot job, especially for the fluid, ever-changing algorithms used by search engines.

Each company has its own specific needs and goals, and in this industry, there is no “one-size fits all” solution. Your SEO agency should be responsive to your needs and be ready to make adjustments.