10 Red Flags When Choosing a Website Maintenance Agency in Singapore

Setting up an Ecommerce website will have to entail a consistent and reliable ecommerce maintenance plan. Experts involved in woocommerce maintenance and shopify maintenance point out these red flags when choosing a website maintenance agency in Singapore.

1. Your agency suggests additional charges.

If you already have a vision for your website, you may discuss with your digital marketing agency on how to put up your site. There would be website designers that would offer many add-ons and a long list of features for your Ecommerce sites. It would be best to familiarize yourself with the terminologies and functions of Ecommerce before sitting down to negotiate.

Be very specific on your needs and make sure that the web designers provide what is essential for you, like PHP website maintenance, before you talk about additional features that would entail added charges.

2. Your agency is undercharging.

On the other hand, there could be the polar opposite of charging too much. If your web design agency is charging too low, they might be willing to make too many compromises just to scrimp on costs. It could bring about consequences when you have site visitors on your Ecommerce sites. Always remembers that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

WordPress maintenance and Shopify maintenance are high-value services, especially since they offer personalized widgets. If the price is too low, they may not be very reliable in the long-term.

3. Your agency is rushing.

Website maintenance should be a long-term partnership, and if your agency has plans to put up your Ecommerce website, they would usually bargain for a more reasonable timeline. But if your agency is rushing the job, they may just want a shortcut for your down payments. Digital marketing agencies involved in Woocommerce maintenance and WordPress maintenance attest that it takes significant preparation to perform these tasks even with experience and expertise. It cannot be rushed.

4. Your agency has no maintenance portfolio.

Website design and website development are different, even though many of their tasks overlap. Shopify maintenance and PHP website maintenance is a long-term commitment and takes extensive technical know-how. In this case, it is unlikely that a digital marketing agency or website development agency would offer that service to just your website without any prior experience.

5. Your agency refuses to listen to your needs.

This is a common mistake for most business owners. Since they are the experts, they should call the shots. It would help to get advice beforehand and have a checklist of the requirements that you want, and stand firm that these are must-haves on your site. You should also bargain for Woocommerce maintenance in the list of your uncompromisable features list.

6. Your agency does not provide content management.

Website maintenance should also include content management. Again, be careful with the terms. Content management is not the same as providing content. For Shopify maintenance, the content should be curated so it can be applicable to the functions of the entire site. If the agency only commits to setting up the site, it could force serious maintenance issues.

7. You do not check the agency’s credentials.

You are entrusting your online business operations to your digital marketing agency in Singapore, and that includes the web maintenance. If your site is not performing well, your online operations are crippled. Researching the credentials of any website developer is essential.

8. You do not have specific website maintenance goals.

Your WordPress maintenance and Shopify maintenance are more complicated than regular sites because they have customizable tools. The best website maintenance agencies would present this with the package. If your agency does not include these features in the maintenance package, you should be able to negotiate.

9. You overlook security arrangements.

Security arrangements are not as simple as setting up an antivirus program. For Ecommerce sites, there would be many scams directed at phishing customers out of their hard-earned money.

Vigilance on a daily basis is important, and one should not assume that the website maintenance people are solely responsible for your site’s overall security.

10. You fail to replace your login credentials.

Website developers will still submit control of your site to you, especially on Ecommerce sites. Since there is an exchange of money and credit card information, there has to be a limit set on their access. You should replace your password and log-in credentials where your Woocommerce maintenance and PHP website maintenance would not have full access.

Website Maintenance Must Read For All Platforms

Website maintenance is much more important than you think. Most people think that having a flashy website that draws people’s attention is enough. There is a huge amount of work involved in WordPress maintenance, Shopify maintenance, and other websites.

Website maintenance is not as simple as posting announcements and promotions, and website maintenance plays a big part in several other aspects of online marketing. Here are some reasons why:

Website affects Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you speak of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the impression is that it is largely dependent on the content. This is true, but there are other factors in SEO that are directly involved in Website maintenance. This includes the Woocommerce maintenance and PHP website maintenance of marketing sites.

For content-heavy websites, WordPress maintenance includes:

  • Extension and plugin updates – WordPress maintenance should include checking that the latest versions of plugins
  • Elimination of dead links  – dead links are part of a WordPress maintenance or Woocommerce maintenance, ensuring that all clickable links are functioning as intended.
  • Loading Speed – it may be a split-second but this is also part of the search engine’s metrics when they determine which sites are placed at the top of the search results page.

Website maintenance is also important to provide the best user experience. For visitors of shopping or marketing sites, eCommerce sites like Woocommerce maintenance and Shopify maintenance tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Updating data and promotions on display – ensure that the site is maximized. Take down promotions that are no longer valid and verify information provided.
  • Websites today need to have visual and interactive media. Aside from good content, this is also what drives organic traffic to the site.
  • Backlinking is also an SEO practice that applies to marketing and eCommerce sites. Links must have high domain authority so they can add to the credibility of the site, which is a huge part of search engine criteria.

When you continuously engage in WordPress maintenance, there are various, tangible benefits like:

  • Your website will be secure. Your WordPress site is easy to install, and they also provide a security plugin. However, if you continue to add content and links to your site, you open your site to a certain degree of risk. The more you add to your website, the higher the probability of getting hacked. Periodic WordPress maintenance ensures that your site is safe even with any addition that you post.
  • WordPress maintenance specialists would tell you that your WordPress site is not safe if you just install a theme and a plugin without external protection. WordPress maintenance will check on this security issue and prevent possible bugs in the system.

Woocommerce maintenance and Shopify maintenance show the benefits of periodic analysis and constant monitoring will help eCommerce sites. Here are some of the direct benefits:

  • Website maintenance reduces cart abandonment: A sale doesn’t count until you close it. There are countless interested customers who failed to seal the deal due to website glitches and issues, and all the effort of promoting the product is wasted. A smooth-running website will prevent this.
  • Better Customer Feedback: When a customer shows interest in a product, he should leave an ecommerce site feeling satisfied and reassured, not frustrated.
    The eCommerce site should have products prominently displayed on the landing page and clear instructions on how to get the important information. Credibility is important, so contact details and customer feedback should be easily accessible.
  • Agility: The concept of agility is to be able to quickly adapt and adjust, especially in an industry and market with fast-changing trends. You are focused on developing and marketing your products, so it is better to leave the website in professional hands. PHP website maintenance experts will reiterate the value of constantly updating since a poorly coded website leads to many glitches.