Blue Ocean

As a fully integrated marine services provider, Blue Ocean is a one-stop center for all your marine needs.

During the pandemic, all industries have been affected, but transport and delivery of basic services through the high seas should still continue. Blue Ocean is ready to step up to the plate and provide marine services.

Blue Ocean offers these services: Ship Agency, Technical Repair, Cleaning, and Underwater. Their employees have years of experience in the shipping industry and have extensive knowledge on the best practices on how to provide qualified personnel, repairing, cleaning, and keeping a ship in good condition even in underwater conditions.

Why is Blue Ocean different from other marine service providers? They can offer flexible solutions, they have advanced technology, and they can implement improved operating conditions and a full range of services.

Blue Ocean has been around since 2012, and they have given ship provisions and technical stores supply for shipping lines, and they are now a trusted company in Southeast Asia and around the world.

Fenzo Helps Keep You Seaworthy

Blue Ocean has partnered with Fenzo, and we have designed their website for customers to have easy access to services and information. With a user-friendly interface, the landing page shows a ship, which depicts the company’s expertise.

From there you can choose to learn about Blue Ocean’s services, or get to know more about the company. You will see the extent of their services, and what exactly you should expect from them.

Get to know Blue Ocean, and why you should choose them for your marine services. The call to action is clear, and the contact details are separated in a Contact Us page for customer convenience.