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Did you know that website maintenance goes beyond regular checking for bugs and viruses? Regularly maintained websites work more efficiently and load faster. The value of quality website maintenance services in Singapore cannot be overstated.

How does website maintenance affect your digital marketing efforts and performance? Think of your website as a car. A well-maintained website is a car in top condition, while a poorly maintained car is an outdated model. Have them both navigate in the same traffic and one of them is likely to lag behind. As a passenger, one is more inclined to choose the well-maintained hence faster car to give them a smoother ride.

The same goes for your website – your customers will be more inclined to go with your brand instead of your competitors if your website runs smoothly and efficiently. 

A website maintenance package is a worthy investment when you consider the cost vs. benefit analysis. A business website should definitely invest in website maintenance since Google also includes a website’s update frequency and history in its evaluation.

One-stop agency for WordPress, eCommerce, Shopify and PHP Website Maintenance

As a fully integrated digital marketing agency, we are a one-stop centre for your website maintenance not only in Singapore, but also worldwide since we can travel digitally to anywhere within seconds! Platforms we cover include WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify and other E-Commerce websites. Website maintenance includes making sure that you always have the latest version of your website, as well as ensuring that your website dashboard is working seamlessly for both you and your customers.

Websites, like any other systems, require regular monitoring and maintenance to make sure everything is running smoothly. Web design and development doesn't end the moment your website is up; in actual fact, it is only the beginning. To ensure your website's placement and visibility in the various search engines, your website developers should ensure there are no broken links present, and be regularly updating your website to the latest versions as well. This is especially crucial with WordPress websites, as the number of WordPress users continue to grow on the daily.

Wordpress Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress has become the most popular website platform due to its ease of use and its capability to run as a full website, complete with customisations, plugins and themes. 

While a WordPress site is easy enough to set up, there is still a need for a maintenance plan, to ensure your plugins get updated regularly. With almost a third of the world's websites powered by WordPress, WordPress support services are constantly updating, so WordPress management services require regular maintenance. A monthly maintenance package should be comprehensive enough to cover all features of your website. 

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eCommerce Maintenance

The dynamics and requirements of an eCommerce website differ greatly from an ordinary website. Response time for an eCommerce website has to be much faster as it includes monetary transactions for the company. Your eCommerce website maintenance package should include daily back-up, to ensure your data is protected and up to date. The front end of the website also needs regular maintenance. For example, website speed is one of the most important elements for a seamless user experience, and regular optimisation of your website's speed is needed to give your users a better overall experience.

Online shopping platforms are everywhere, with many selling similar products. It is important to keep your website glitch-free, to prevent your potential customers from simply leaving and hopping over to a competitor's website. Another concern for eCommerce websites is the monetary aspect of them, where there may be a higher interest for hackers. To ensure security breaches do not happen, regular eCommerce website maintenance is a must. 

Ecommerce Maintenance
Shopify Maintenance

PHP website maintenance

PHP websites are also in need of regular maintenance services. Basic services that website developers should provide include PHP version upgrades, PHP security updates, data loss restoration and backups/archiving, etc.

The developers should also monitor the codes, facilitate upgrades in design, and enable integration with third parties. These are similar to WordPress maintenance services, ensuring customised features are up to date so as to prevent bugs. With regular maintenance, your website should run faster and operate more smoothly.

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Shopify Maintenance

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that needs regular maintenance to make sure all transactions are taken care of properly. With any website that has monetary transactions, Shopify sites are prone to hackers. Regular maintenance is important to ensure no security breaches. 

Monthly plans for Shopify maintenance should assure backups and product uploads, as well as reports and suggestions on how to improve customer experience, in order to draw more visitors to your website. Your checkout should be smooth and seamless, and any glitches should be reported promptly to avoid any failures in transactions.  

Php Website Maintenance
Local Team

Local team

At Fenzo Digital, our team is here to take care of your projects and your needs. We also have a support email and dedicated manager for each project.

As a web development service provider, our offers for website maintenance include extensive security measures. We provide daily back-up systems for our clients to make sure their businesses are protected.  If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact us! 

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