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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of online marketing that makes use of search engines through paid ads. A step up from blind advertising, SEM targets users who are already in the act of searching, by displaying ads geared towards users who are already interested. SEM is often seen as a marketing strategy with a higher conversion rate than other online marketing campaigns.  conversion rate than other online marketing campaigns.

Our digital marketing agency will formulate the best SEM strategy most appropriate for both your business plan and your budget. While SEM does have a faster turnover, it does require an investment in order to position your brand at the very top of search results. Understanding how to optimise your paid ads in order to yield a higher return is of utmost importance here, and our Google Ad specialists will help you analyse how to make the most of your marketing efforts on search engines. Our SEM services include shopping ads, ad copy, and engaging search queries.

Bid and Budget Optimizations

Bid and Budget optimizations

Every business has goals and plans in order to reach their goals. At Fenzo Digital, we offer Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services, where we'll discuss with you how to make the best SEM campaign for your brand. We'll explain terminologies such as cost per click (CPC), conversions, impressions and so on, and present all your options for an optimised SEM strategy to gain traction at the top of search engine results.

SEM Service Singapore - Fenzo Digital
Top SEM Service Singapore - Fenzo Digital

Competitor research and analysis

The biggest challenge for a digital marketing agency in Singapore is the rapid rise in the number of competitors. Luckily, even if you competitors are a step ahead, we are able to analyse their strategies and tweak yours so that you can get ahead as well.

As your SEM service provider in Singapore, we can research your competitors' Google partners, which websites they employ for pay per click (PPC) marketing, and their cost per click rates. When we analyse these factors, we also improve your position in search engine page results which increases brand awareness with your clients.

Competitor Research and Analysis
Keyword Refinement

Keyword Refinement

Keywords are an integral part of search engine optimization (SEO) marketing. As your digital marketing agency in Singapore, we believe in a formula of a combination of SEM (high investment, fast turnover) strategy with high-quality keywords and content management (long term, moderate investment) to ensure that your business is always near the top of Google searches.

To refine your keywords and stay relevant, our research and analytics teams will regularly brainstorm to make sure your content contains high-performing keywords, in order to maximise clicks and engagement so visitors stay longer on your website and know more about your brand.

Top SEM Service - Fenzo Digital
Top SEM Agency Singapore - Fenzo Digital

Keyword match type selections

An important part of Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns is selecting a keyword match, as this keyword match will tell Google how aggressively you want to match your paid ads to keyword searches. Choose from four levels ranging from broad to exact – a broad match yields more visitors, while exact match yields higher conversion rates. Your SEM agency in Singapore will use performance metrics and advise the best type for your business.

Keyword Match Type Selections
Ad Extensions

Ad extensions

Ad extensions are simply add-ons for your Google ad campaigns that allow you to gain a little extra mileage from your ads. Google offers a variety of ad extensions that help increase your ad's ranking and click-through rate. These give you an extra line or space in your ad, which advertisers commonly use to add in a Call to Action (CTA), to encourage readers to click on the ads.

Your SEM agency in Singapore can help you choose and set up your ad extension, bid competitively and improve content quality so your business can qualify for the ad extension – all free of charge.

Best SEM Service Singapore - Fenzo Digital
Best SEM Service - Fenzo Digital

Detailed reporting

Setting up your paid ads, SEM and SEO systems is just the start of the campaign. Your SEM agency in Singapore will then start the process of monitoring and analysing if your investment and marketing efforts are paying off.

Regular detailed reporting should include clicks, impressions, conversions, average cost per click, and revenue generated, as these analytics matter in SEM or even social media marketing. A good online marketing agency collects, interprets, and responds to this data, and compares it to the market standards to ensure that you’re not left behind by the competition – always optimising your campaigns to make sure you stay relevant.

Detailed Reporting

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