Prince’s Landscape

Prince had evolved from a flower ship into one of the oldest nurseries in Singapore. Now, they are a leading full-fledged landscape design and installation specialists.

They now have 2 nurseries and a headcount of more than 400 professionals, horticulturists, designers, engineers, florists and support staff. Their success is born from a dedicated and qualified team which also undergoes a rigorous training and development program, allowing us to be uniquely customer and product-oriented at the same time.

Prince’s Landscape has emphasized their community social responsibility, and they have programs to specifically employ senior citizens and ex-offenders, sectors that are not given opportunities for work.

Fenzo Helps Carve the Green Landscape

The design for a landscape company is heavy on visuals, as pictures would definitely paint a thousand words. The company has awards and accolades, and we showcase the beauty and excellence of their work.

We enumerate their complete services, with pictures and short descriptions. These include landscape construction, maintenance, corporate plant rentals, event plant display, turfing, irrigation systems, sustainable landscape, vertical green wall, tree pruning, cutting and transplanting.

Prince can also design and build structures like a “Green Roof.” As a company that is fully invested in the community, they have the confidence in their workmanship as they have already established themselves with over 50 years’ experience. They understand how to give back, while continuing to raise the standards in their field.

Prince Landscape Construction Portfolio
Prince Landscape Construction Portfolio
Prince Landscape Construction Portfolio