Vix Verify

greenID, which is a part of GBG solutions, is an established market-leading digital identity verification solutions provider.

The company is trusted by organizations including government and large enterprises with millions of verifications each year. The complete solution enables organizations to verify and onboard new customers reliably and efficiently, with the options of document and biometric verification, via web or mobile channels.

The primary specializations are AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (know your customer) verification processes. These verification processes will prevent frauds and scams within your organization.

The solutions they offer also include document validation, biometric verification, watchlist screening and data intelligence.

Fenzo Digital Emphasizes Solutions

greenID GBG provides various solutions to the continuously growing problem of frauds and scams. Preventing these activities entails strict and airtight verification and security measures. This is what we emphasize for greenID GBG.

Emphasis on the call for action (request a demo) is given to show that the company is able to deliver on what they are promoting. Nothing can test a solution more effectively than an actual demonstration. This is why the call to action is constantly present and accessible at any point in the website.

As most of the transactions are now being made online, the need for effective and foolproof verification has risen exponentially. Monetary losses due to fraud, both individual and corporate, have amounted to millions of dollars. Verification plays a huge role to prevent these losses, and this is illustrated in the case studies discussed in the website.