How to choose the right social media agency in Singapore?

Social media is a raging phenomenon as most of the top websites in the world are from social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are the foremost examples of top social media sites that number billions of accounts across the world.

The top social media agency in Singapore understands that while social media sites are designed to be inclusive with a user-friendly interface, it has many functions and features that make it very versatile.

There are many businessmen who don’t believe in social media marketing, as they would say “Even my kids have Facebook.” It’s hard to believe that the site where you post your baby’s first step pictures would also be a marketing site. But that’s exactly the point.

The Magic of Social Media

When people go to social media, they have the intention to interact, share some jokes and memes and talk about their day. They can also share news and articles. No one goes to social media sites to buy, don’t they?

Social media marketing began as inserted ads on the news feed or on the sidebar but now they have their own marketplace. Users go to Facebook, and they end up with purchases. This means there is some marketing going on without you knowing it.

Choose the Right Social Media Agency

Now you’re convinced that social media marketing is necessary and you want to engage in a social media agency in Singapore. How will you choose the right one?

1. Creativity:

We’ll mention again, there are billions of social media accounts, with Facebook alone crossing the 2 billion threshold. That’s a whole lot of customers–and a ton of competitors.

There is hardly any field or industry which does not market its products or services in social media. That makes it very difficult to stand out. It is a wide open field with neighborhood candy shops having a page along with industry giants. To stand out, you need to be in tune with the trends, but you need to be creative–in any platform.

2. Recognition of Every Platform:

Not all social media platforms are created equal, but recently, users have crossed platforms. That means it is harder to typecast the users of social media.

You have probably come across a famous meme which depicted a certain celebrity and her profile photos throughout four different social media accounts. This is what’s happening now. Facebook users also have Twitter for timely updates, LinkedIn for work related contacts, Instagram for travel pictures and the like. Every aspect of life is being covered.

Your social media marketing agency in Singapore should know that posts on Instagram, even if they can be shared with Facebook, is not optimum content. While most Instagram users also have Facebook accounts, they have a purpose when they visit a social media platform.

3. Understanding Different Features:

Social media marketing in Singapore is usually geared for their busy and driven professionals. The features of social media overlap–there are pictures in Pinterest and on Instagram, for example. But Pinterest photos are more on instruction and discovery, where Instagram is sharing personal shots.

Why are two photo-sharing apps so different from each other? To illustrate, both platforms have been popular for sharing fashion preferences  (the OOTD – outfit of the day). But Instagram includes the face, complete with filters and expressions. Pinterest really focuses on the clothes, with faceless photos being liked more often. The social media agency in Singapore knows when to use the right social media app.

4. Effective Campaigns: 

Can my brand be promoted across all social media sites? The answer is yes. Will they be effective? This is where you have to check your social media marketing agency’s portfolio.

They should be able to mount campaigns and consistently support them. They are ready to provide content (pictures, videos, text) and deliver superior quality.

How to engage a copywriting agency for your brand in Singapore?

Every digital marketing agency knows that search engine optimization (SEO) is key to a website’s success. Thus, it is necessary to keep in pace with the search engine algorithms and quality requirements.

Keywords are still the main basis for SEO, but now, there is a condition to use it organically and within the context of the content. SEO consultants in Singapore note that there is a content quality rating as part of SEO evaluation. This involves the actual readability and integrity of the articles and posts on the website.

In this context, not all companies are equipped to produce and edit the content of their websites. In this case, it is probably time to consider engaging in a copywriting agency. Here are some tips on how to engage the right copywriting agency for your brand in Singapore.

1. Check the skill level

Copywriting is a professional skill. Your big competitors hire advertising agencies that will mount their internet marketing campaign for them. Quality content does not happen by accident, so it is necessary to hire an agency who has the skills and personnel to produce the quality content for your brand

The copywriting agency should have a portfolio of their work, and it will give you an idea of their creative skill level. Are the captions and scripts in their campaign sound effective? Do they make an impact and help you stand out from the crowd? This is the criteria that you should follow when evaluating the copywriting agency in Singapore, since that is also the manner in which they will present your brand.

2. Be Clear About the Results You Want to Achieve

You are engaging in a Copywriting Agency in Singapore to get better results. You need to clarify this, since this would take more than actual writing skill but also, knowledge in SEO. In some cases, the SEO cases can also perform the copywriting if they have the latent skill. In most cases, they are part of an agency, and the copywriter takes their cue from the instructions of the SEO consultant in Singapore.

The SEO consultant gives the keywords and the parameters for the content, including the length, frequency and placement of keywords and adding backlinks. Search engines like Google also consider grammar and syntax errors, so this should be considered as well.

3. Can They Establish Rapport With Your Target Audience?

The top copywriting Agency in Singapore can understand and connect with your target audience. If your brand caters to a certain age group or a certain social demographic, is the copywriting agency in tune with the voices of the audience?

Copywriting agencies in Singapore would try to present themselves as capable of catering to any target audience. You need to find out if they can actually deliver on this,

If your copywriting agency only caters to an elite audience and you want to reach the middle class, then they may not be able to connect. Singapore SEO practices are diverse, even if it is a city-state. There is a line of having a universal tone, and specializing in a target audience.

4. Can They Reflect Your Brand Voice?

Can your brand be reflected in a sentence or a phrase? The greatest brands have summed up the image of who they are in simple phrases like “Just do it.” The top copywriting agency in Singapore will sit with you and really get into the essence of why you are in business, your vision for the brand and why you are different from anyone else.

The entire campaign, the theme of the website, even the color schemes are all consistent with the brand identity. Blog posts, articles and social media posts should be easily identified with your brand. This should be the ideal copywriting agency for you. Take the time to find it.

How to take your business to the next level during after-covid period?

In the time of COVID-19, there was a significant increase of online transactions due to the restrictions on movement. This gave an unexpected boost to eCommerce websites and digital marketing in general.

However, as the time of Covid is about to end, your digital marketing agency in Singapore needs to prepare as they may face a regression. However, the best companies are those who weather multiple storms when the odds do not favor them.

In fact, online marketing strategists like SEM agencies in Singapore follow these steps so they could reach the next level when Covid finally ends.

1. Re-align Your Current Marketing Strategy: The pandemic forced the customers to go online, but now that customers have a choice, the top digital marketing agency in Singapore will turn to search engine optimization (SEO) in Singapore, and market their products through SEM services so that customers will choose to remain online.

Your company should assess your current messaging process to determine whether you’re sending the appropriate message and connecting with your audience in the right way to succeed after the pandemic. Your message should adjust to the “new normal” and rely strongly on providing value.

The new strategy should appeal to both existing and potential customers and clearly illustrate the value they’ll get from buying your products or services. With Covid out of the way, resort to clear and concise communication. We should not deny the impacts of Covid, but that is not a reason for them to buy your product.

The focus is to move forward and provide value. Answer the question of “how can my product make my customers’ lives better?”

2. Upgrade your Digital Customer Experience: The ecommerce landscape expanded but the consequence is that many sellers are providing the same products and services. Your edge should be offering better digital customer experience, and your partner here is your web design expert in Singapore.  If your product is also sold in brick-and-mortar stores, you need to deliver exceptional digital customer experience. It starts with a smart and user-friendly interface, and follows through with consistent support, diverse payment options, and the rigid technology infrastructure.

One underrated aspect of web design and development is encryption and security. With more transactions being made online, hacking and other cyberthreats have also increased. For eCommerce websites, security is a premium and should not be compromised.

3. Be Responsive on Your Website: As people are instructed to avoid human interaction, many customers are looking for the “human touch” online. Live selling became popular for individuals, but your website should take the same approach.

Your website should be responsive towards customer feedback. Inquiries, reviews and even criticism should be handled properly. There are always competitors offering products and services similar to yours, and it is true that customer service can be the deciding factor.

For your online business, customer service is reflected in how you respond and interact to the visitors of your website. The time and effort to invest in engaging customers is definitely worth it, not to mention social media platforms also take note of it.

4. Be Transparent with Pricing (and Keep It Low): With the worldwide economy taking a massive hit on a global scale, it is important to keep your prices competitive. During the pandemic, many companies chose to build customer loyalty even with a narrow profit margin. As the economy is still in recovery mode, it is best to keep the prices low, and be transparent to the customers about overhead costs whenever it is permissible.

Shipping and delivery charges are already negotiable since there are third-party services that lower the price. These are options to lower the price. If you cannot lower the profit margin, there is an option to add value to your product or discounts on succeeding transactions. Your digital marketing agency in Singapore should formulate similar steps to cultivate brand loyalty.