How to choose the right social media agency in Singapore?

Social media is a raging phenomenon as most of the top websites in the world are from social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are the foremost examples of top social media sites that number billions of accounts across the world.

The top social media agency in Singapore understands that while social media sites are designed to be inclusive with a user-friendly interface, it has many functions and features that make it very versatile.

There are many businessmen who don’t believe in social media marketing, as they would say “Even my kids have Facebook.” It’s hard to believe that the site where you post your baby’s first step pictures would also be a marketing site. But that’s exactly the point.

The Magic of Social Media

When people go to social media, they have the intention to interact, share some jokes and memes and talk about their day. They can also share news and articles. No one goes to social media sites to buy, don’t they?

Social media marketing began as inserted ads on the news feed or on the sidebar but now they have their own marketplace. Users go to Facebook, and they end up with purchases. This means there is some marketing going on without you knowing it.

Choose the Right Social Media Agency

Now you’re convinced that social media marketing is necessary and you want to engage in a social media agency in Singapore. How will you choose the right one?

1. Creativity:

We’ll mention again, there are billions of social media accounts, with Facebook alone crossing the 2 billion threshold. That’s a whole lot of customers–and a ton of competitors.

There is hardly any field or industry which does not market its products or services in social media. That makes it very difficult to stand out. It is a wide open field with neighborhood candy shops having a page along with industry giants. To stand out, you need to be in tune with the trends, but you need to be creative–in any platform.

2. Recognition of Every Platform:

Not all social media platforms are created equal, but recently, users have crossed platforms. That means it is harder to typecast the users of social media.

You have probably come across a famous meme which depicted a certain celebrity and her profile photos throughout four different social media accounts. This is what’s happening now. Facebook users also have Twitter for timely updates, LinkedIn for work related contacts, Instagram for travel pictures and the like. Every aspect of life is being covered.

Your social media marketing agency in Singapore should know that posts on Instagram, even if they can be shared with Facebook, is not optimum content. While most Instagram users also have Facebook accounts, they have a purpose when they visit a social media platform.

3. Understanding Different Features:

Social media marketing in Singapore is usually geared for their busy and driven professionals. The features of social media overlap–there are pictures in Pinterest and on Instagram, for example. But Pinterest photos are more on instruction and discovery, where Instagram is sharing personal shots.

Why are two photo-sharing apps so different from each other? To illustrate, both platforms have been popular for sharing fashion preferences  (the OOTD – outfit of the day). But Instagram includes the face, complete with filters and expressions. Pinterest really focuses on the clothes, with faceless photos being liked more often. The social media agency in Singapore knows when to use the right social media app.

4. Effective Campaigns: 

Can my brand be promoted across all social media sites? The answer is yes. Will they be effective? This is where you have to check your social media marketing agency’s portfolio.

They should be able to mount campaigns and consistently support them. They are ready to provide content (pictures, videos, text) and deliver superior quality.

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