10 Tips on How to Choose a Content Creator for Your Brand

Content creation is rapidly gaining traction as a viable form of marketing and audience interaction. Today, content creators provide valuable avenues for digital marketing in Singapore. A survey in Singapore showed that 58% of the people are willing to pay $1-$15 in the subsequent year for subscribing to exclusive content from their preferred creators. This inclination indicates the rising popularity of content creators and their viability for influencing audience choices. Let’s analyse the best strategies for picking the perfect content creator to work with your brand.

Content Creators Versus Influencers: Are They the Same?

The short answer? Not really. While many content creators eventually turn into influencers, these terms essentially mean different things. Experts believe that an influencer develops their platform with the primary goal of attracting brands and working as their marketing vessels. In contrast, a content creator seeks to design and deliver engaging content that provides value to their audience without necessarily relying on a commercial component.

However, these terms often overlap since influencers also try to step into the shoes of content creators. On the other side, content creators also accept brand deals and influence their audience for buying specific products or services. Indeed, the largest income source for Singaporean content creators today is brand deals, with 31% of their total cash flow coming from these companies.

Since content creators often have an organic audience with authentic interactions, they can bag brand deals more easily than influencers. Considering these factors, every business enterprise needs to include content creator collaborations in their digital marketing repertoire.

Benefits of Collaborating with a Content Creator for Your Business

Content creator partnerships can help you tap unique demographics and maximise your organic reach. Here are all the benefits you can leverage by working with a content creator:

  • Reach Niche Demographics: Forbes suggests that content creators can help you reach niche audiences. As content creators have organic relationships with unique audience groups, their platform can help your business tap those markets.
  • Garner Credibility: Working with a reputed content creator helps your business generate customer trust by association with a credible face.
  • Build Visibility: Content creator partnerships can expand the online visibility of your business, building awareness around your brand.
  • Utilise their Unique Creative Potential: Content creators bring their unique spin to the mix. They can add fresh insights while creating new marketing campaigns.
  • Evoke Emotions: Content creators can help you evoke emotions and foster strong bonds with the audience. This strategy can have a lasting impact on your brand salience. 

Collaborating with Content Creators: Top Tips to Choose the Best Fit

Now that you know why you need content creators in your digital marketing arsenal, it is time to choose collaborators who can help you grow. Here are the crucial tips that can help you make the best out of this process:

1. Identify Your Purpose: Why do you want to run this campaign? What do you want to achieve through a content creator collaboration? Identifying the answers to these questions can help you narrow down the pool of creators to consider. Typical campaign goals include maximising awareness, growing sales, getting backlinks, and more. For example, if you want to build brand awareness, you should work with a creator having a mass appeal. On the other hand, if your goal is sales generation, you can choose a content creator with a focused audience group with a niche interest in your product category. 

2. Use Hashtags: Hashtags are excellent tools for categorising relevant content. You can start by choosing hashtags that represent your business offerings. You can also check hashtags with sizeable impressions and preferences among your target demographics. Then, correlate these with the hashtags associated with a creator’s account to find a suitable fit. 

3. Assess Demographic Details: A social media marketing agency can help you track the demographic information about a creator’s audiences. Many content creators voluntarily share facts about their reach, impressions, and demographic details of their audience. This data can support your decision-making process. If an influencer caters to the audience you want to reach, you can add them to your list of potential partners. 

4. Evaluate the Content: Your collaborator must resonate with your brand voice. You can assess this aspect by evaluating their content. A detailed analysis of their tone and approach can help you identify their voice. Tools like sentiment analysis can be perfect for deriving clear interpretations of their tonality. A professional agency with digital marketing expertise can deliver accurate insights about pairing your brand voice with a content creator’s platform. 

5. Vet the Copywriting Quality: Checking the grammatical quality and linguistic competence of content copies is essential for identifying high-value collaborators. A copywriting agency in Singapore can analyse written pieces and assess their quality to guide your decisions. A copywriting service can also help improve the copies published with your chosen creator. 

6. Understand the Competition: Try to understand your competitors’ strategies. Their actions can help you narrow down the creator categories you can tap. Alternatively, this analysis can help you prepare tactics to stand out from other players. 

7. Use Social Listening Tools: Social listening tools can help you assess the buzz around your brand. It can also give you a better understanding of your overall landscape. A professional digital marketing team can assist you with this analysis to identify the right set of content creators for collaboration. 

8. Inspect Engagement Trends: You must evaluate if the content creator generates ample engagement. Organic and authentic interactions from audiences can indicate healthy engagement rates. A digital marketing agency can help you extract these metrics and drive better decisions for growth.

9. Have a Face-to-Face Meeting: Having a direct conversation with your shortlisted creators can help you gauge their vibe. Finding the right fit for your team is as important as achieving your marketing goals. Hence, you must prioritise face-to-face meetings to scrutinise a creator’s suitability.

10. Work With a Digital Marketing Agency: A professional agency can simplify your search for a suitable content creator. They can use high-quality tools and metrics to assess the suitability of creators. If you are looking for a top-notch agency to manage your digital marketing relationships, reach out to Fenzo Digital today! Their online expertise can be the perfect complement to your marketing efforts.

The Hidden Perks of Using Instagram Stories for Engagement

Listen up: Instagram stories are the next big thing, and you would definitely like where we are headed!

With more than one billion monthly active users, Instagram is ruling the social media forefront undisputedly. Why is Instagram so popular? Well, it is known for its cool crowd, out-of-the-box content, unique filters, fun live sessions, and super-engaging stories. With more than 3.05 million Instagram users in Singapore, stories have become an integral part of social media marketing in Singapore. With a tap-friendly, intuitive nature, stories have become an addictive way to attract followers.

Instagram did the unthinkable in August 2016. It launched Instagram stories for its audience. Genius or copycat? We would say it was a brilliant step to retain the audience’s attention by making them multiple stories.

Whether it is about the cute and funny content of basic everyday happenings or something related to product or services, there are numerous ways in which stories can aid in social media marketing. Are you still wondering why you should use stories? Here are some stats to back our facts!

There are 5.33 million social media users in Singapore and among all the social media channels, Instagram boasts a better outreach. If your target audience consists of youngsters, Instagram is one of the best platforms to target them.

Still, not convinced about using Instagram stories? Let’s dig a bit deeper!

How can Instagram Stories be a game changer?

If you have used Instagram, you probably already know how the stories are an excellent way to open new avenues of brand awareness. With the mentions, hashtags, location-specificity, music options, stickers, GIFs and whatnot, they have got a major competitive edge over Snapchat. The Instagram stories can add a personalized touch to how you can engage your audience. The stories are in real-time, and you can share more creative content by linking photos, and music, taking polls, asking open-end questions and more. 

Did you know according to a study conducted by Microsoft, the average human attention span has dropped from 12 to 8 seconds (yes, humans have an attention span no better than a goldfish)?   You can tell your brand’s tale, cater to the new generation of people with shorter attention spans and increase your reach substantially. If you want to delve deeper, here are the reasons why everyone must tap into the hidden potential of Instagram stories:

Build stronger relationships

Instagram stories are the most spectacular ways to engage people. Any content that you put on your story is snackable and when you post regularly through your stories, maintaining a steady presence becomes seamless. The stronger bond you have with your followers, the more people will grow to anticipate what you will come up with. Ranging from the BTS footage to sneak peeks of what’s going on with your brand or life, stories are an exquisite way to show people how you want to be perceived.

Drive traffic to your website

If you run an e-commerce business, or you have a website for better outreach, using your Instagram stories skilfully, can be an impeccable way to drive traffic to your website. Instagram has also rolled out the shopping feature to widen its e-commerce push. Using the “swipe-up” feature, and eye-catching CTAs, you can get direct website traffic. All you need to do is to work with a skilled social media agency in Singapore and they can make your story attractive enough to get more website visitors without any hiccups.

Enhanced brand awareness

As stories are visible at the top of Instagram, they are usually the first thing users see when they open the app. According to recent studies, stories have enhanced the amount of time people spend on Instagram by about 28 minutes. Imagine, remaining at the top of your customer’s minds when they are using Instagram! Now, they would feel like being a part of your brand’s journey, which would, in turn, enhance your brand awareness.

Generate leads

Although Instagram stories last for 24 hours, they can be the cornerstone of growing your pool of leads and prospects. The stories are discoverable. Therefore, people who don’t even follow you can tap on your profile icon to see your posts. You can conduct polls and quizzes for your products, services and opinions and get honest feedback for making your brand better across multiple channels.

It’s a wrap!

Have you ever been like WHAAAAAA, where has all my time gone, while tapping through your Instagram stories? Well, if you want to harness the untapped potential of your Instagram stories, make sure to reach out to the best social media agency in Singapore. Any content you put on your stories can make your brand rock-solid with every passing step. You can maintain a steady online presence and build a stronger bond with your Instagram audience. So, are you ready to enter the story-realm yet?

Does Tiktok Work for Your Business?

TikTok is a unique social phenomenon that has taken Gen Z by storm. This application democratised the content creation space and introduced youngsters to hands-on content sharing. Singapore is one of the leading markets for TikTok. According to the App Annie “State of Mobile” 2022 report, Singaporean users spent a monthly average time of 16.4 hours on TikTok in 2021. Statista notes that Singaporean users again increased their time spent on TikTok by 74% in 2022. These sharp spikes indicate the growing relevance of TikTok, forcing digital marketers to pay attention to this valuable trend. A social media marketing agency can help your business create value via emerging channels like TikTok. But does every business need TikTok for digital marketing? Not always! How can you identify if TikTok works for your firm? Let’s break that down.

Understanding the TikTok Trend: A Business Owner’s Guide to this Social Phenomenon

TikTok is a social media application that allows users to create and share short-form video content. Here is a quick summary of everything you need to know to decode this trend:

  • Tiktok caters to a Gen-Z audience, with users from this generation making up over 60% of the user base.
  • The global user base of TikTok includes 800 million people, with 36% coming from the Singapore and APAC region.
  • TikTok offers exciting content creation modes for everyone, with fun filters and other features.
  • The app offers the option to create 15-second to 60-second videos, ensuring the flexibility to post a mini-series or sequential clips.

The vibrant, democratised landscape of TikTok enables content creators to deliver value in various formats. It offers an equal playground to both brands and common people, allowing them to mould the thoughts and behaviours of fellow TikTok users.

If you are a business owner in Singapore, TikTok can be an excellent tool to tap into a burgeoning global market. At the same time, it can help your business cater to the local audience as TikTok serves 2.09 million users in this island state.

Is TikTok the Best Fit for Your Business?

TikTok is a remarkable social phenomenon, touching the lives of millions. However, this feature-rich platform may not be the perfect choice for every business. Social media marketing in Singapore requires nuanced decision-making after considering the unique characteristics of all the media platforms.

The following considerations can help you identify if TikTok will be the best choice for your business:

  1. Target Demographic: You must clearly understand your target audience before making digital marketing decisions. Their demographic details can help you identify the platforms that will fit their needs. For example, you may want to use Facebook marketing for catering to a middle-aged audience group. On the other hand, Instagram and TikTok may be your go-to platforms for interacting with a younger customer base. 1% of TikTok users in Singapore fall in the age bracket of 18 to 24 years. Another 35.3% of the users are between 25-34 years. These numbers suggest that TikTok can be an excellent way to engage a bulk of potential customers in this island state. Moreover, a majority of TikTok users in Singapore are male, making up 88.5% of the user base. This statistic can also influence your choice of platform for running your campaigns. Hence, you must assess if your business caters to these age groups. If it does, TikTok can be your best tool for top-notch social media marketing tactics. 
  1. Type of Content: TikTok is an excellent platform for short-form content. It is essential to evaluate if your marketing campaigns can work with this mode of content creation. For example, do you run a food brand that can post short clips of cooking or serving for delivering audience delight? If yes, TikTok may work well for your brand. It can also be an excellent platform for businesses in fashion, skincare, personal services, and more. Enterprises offering quick fixes or entertaining products can perform very well with TikTok. However, if your business sells something like traditional investment services or high-value precious jewellery, TikTok may not be your first choice. 
  1. Visual Quality: Are your marketing campaigns heavily visual? If yes, TikTok can be an exceptional channel to grow. Visually attractive products and services are easier to display and pitch on TikTok videos. You can post creative clips demonstrating your product, be it an easy-to-use gadget or a beautiful fashion piece. Some services are also suitable for TikTok marketing. For example, if you run a nail art salon, TikTok can be the perfect platform for your service marketing needs. On the other hand, if you offer services like lawn mowing or car cleaning, TikTok may not be the best place to highlight your business. Any business with high visual content can succeed on TikTok by making data-driven campaign decisions. 
  1. Collaboration Considerations: Does your business require influencer marketing? If yes, TikTok can be a great tool to collaborate with leading influencers. You can identify top influencers on this platform and look for common ground to pitch your marketing campaigns. However, if influencer marketing does not suit your business model, TikTok may offer relatively lower value to your firm.

While these points can help you make an initial judgement, you should consult experts to take the final call. The professional digital marketers at Fenzo Digital can help you assess social media platforms and design high-quality campaigns for acing your marketing goals. Contact them today to create a pitch-perfect marketing plan.