How to Take Your SEO and Digital Marketing Strategy to the Next Level?

Trying to run your business successfully amidst the fierce competition in the digital landscape might seem an uphill task. While doing the bare minimum won’t deliver you the desired results, there is a lot more that you will have to work on in order to take your digital marketing and SEO strategy to the next level. While availing of the services of an SEO agency can definitely help you go that extra mile, there is one aspect that you can work upon which will lead you on your way to digital marketing success. That aspect is ‘data’, and, to be more precise, ‘the right data’.

Let us find out how the right data can empower your SEO and digital marketing strategy.

  • Set up your dashboard – There is an ocean of data that you need to have in order to keep your traffic growing. This data, which we assume is already available to you, needs to be organized well so that actionable insights could be easily drawn from it. A plethora of tools is available nowadays that can help organize your data. Some of the data points that should be of particular interest to you are:-
  1. Overall KPIs – This reflects whether your website’s sessions, clicks, impressions, and conversions are going up or down.
  2. Keywords ranking – From this data point, you will get all the pertinent information regarding keywords and their ranking. For instance, how many keywords are ranking in the top three, or the top 100 of Google? Which keywords are gaining traction and which ones are losing? Which keywords have been witnessing the most volume of traffic and conversions?
  3.  Content optimization – This data point can help you figure out what content could be added to the pages trending up or down. For enhancing your content, just type the target keyword for the page and then look into Google’s People Also Ask box to find out questions to enhance your content.
  4. Demographics of the audience – Google Analytics includes many audience reports that include age, gender, interests, geographical targeting, devices and more. This data can be used to build persona profiles and target keywords for each persona and buying stage.
  5. Keyword optimization or entity optimization – Google’s machine-learning algorithms have gone drastic changes and have become increasingly sophisticated. Besides, Google’s understanding of natural language processing has improved drastically. Both these developments have now made it possible for Google to understand not just keywords but even pages for meaning. Therefore, it has now become the trend to create pages around topics and include variants of the topic instead of optimizing pages for a single keyword.
  • Experiment for achieving optimization – Whatever your findings from the data, try to develop actionable plans from those findings aimed at optimizing various elements of your website. Try optimizing the articles that are trending down by implementing better on-page SEO. Pen down new and more content for a specific target audience. For keywords or pages that are trending up or down, build internal and external links.
  • Focus on improving the conversion rate – Having accomplished whatever is mentioned in the previous steps, you will have considerable traffic coming to your website. The real question is how to convert these website visitors into customers? Well, the answer is to carry out A/B testing and work on conversion rate optimization.
  • Monitor the trends – Google’s search algorithms are dynamic and ever-evolving. It is, therefore, important to stay updated with Google’s latest algorithm update releases and comply with Google’s best practice guidelines.

Some of the trends that better be on your watch list are:-

1. Voice search – With voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri, etc. coming integrated into smartphones and smart speakers becoming more commonplace in households, voice search has grown phenomenally. Therefore, always use questions as keywords and optimize for voice search.

2. Prioritize content quality over quantity – Post less content on your website but make sure that whatever you post provides the best possible user experience. Promote your content on various social media platforms to build links as often as you publish. The link growth velocity must be congruent with your content publishing ratio.

3. Emphasize user engagement signals – Back in May 2020, Google announced its new Core Web Vitals. It is a set of parameters centred on user experience that measure the “health” of a page in terms of providing a smooth and seamless user experience. These web vitals marked a shift in Google’s approach to site load speed from ‘how quickly does a page load’ to ‘how long does it take for users to get to see the first thing on the page’.

4. Crawling prioritization and indexing – Indexed pages’ count has exponential growth. Now, Google doesn’t index everything. It instead indexes only quality content. Google is thus trying to prioritize crawls to pages that are trusted and authoritative.

In a nutshell

For being able to continuously revamp and update your SEO strategy, it is imperative to track your site’s metrics, KPIs and trends in search. The pointers discussed above can bring about a noticeable change in your website’s rankings and traffic. However, if you wish to comprehensively overhaul your digital marketing strategy and approach, you should rework it with a results-oriented Singapore SEO agency. For getting the best SEO service, Singapore-based digital marketing firms happen to be at par with some of the best in the world.

Identifying Fake and Real Followers While Choosing an Influencer

Singapore’s bustling digital landscape has created new marketing channels for business enterprises. Influencer marketing is one such channel that has grown in importance over recent years. Statista’s records indicate that about 51% of survey respondents in Singapore have bought something due to an influencer’s recommendation in 2020. As influencer marketing becomes a leading buzzword of the digital age, your business must keep up with this hot new trend. A social media marketing agency can help you choose influencers who fit your brand ethos and cater to your customer base.

While working with the agency, you may bring up many suggestions for the influencers you can choose. However, many so-called influencers fake their follower count to dupe digital marketers and earn easy cash. How can you identify these scammers and save your business from falling into this trap? Let’s understand how to assess if an influencer’s follower list is real or fake.

Fake Follower Lists on Social Media: What are They?

Many social media personalities pay money to unscrupulous agencies or use other unethical ways to amass fake followers. As a result, they often have high follower counts. However, their engagement value remains poor because there are no actual customers available for interaction. An agency providing social media marketing support can help you weed through the fake influencers and find people who suit your company.

Where Do Fake Followers Come From?

Numerous click farms promise to supply Instagram followers for a hefty fee. As Instagram marketing becomes popular, unscrupulous people try to make money off this platform with fake promises. These illicit companies create sham accounts and follow influencers’ pages. Premium services also offer engagement options to make this process appear genuine and credible.

Earlier, bot accounts were the tools for generating fake follower counts. However, Instagram introduced new rules in 2018 to crack down on these automated sources of fraudulent followers. Despite concerted attempts by Instagram to weed out scam accounts, the “fake follower” industry continues to plague businesses today.

Easy Tips to Identify Fraudulent Followers

You can seek the help of a social media agency in Singapore to find out if an influencer has fake followers. However, if you feel suspicious that an influencer is faking their follower count, you should take the following steps to check their authenticity:

  • A sudden increase in the Number of Followers: If you observe that an influencer has suddenly gained popularity, it can be a red flag. The sudden spike in the number of followers can indicate that they bought their followers and increased the total count overnight. While it may be difficult for a novice to identify an abrupt increase in the follower count, a digital marketing agency with social media experts can help you navigate this space.
  • Lack of Adequate Profile Information: A social media account with inadequate organic reach is more likely to have incomplete profile details. They may have limited “bio” details or confusing captions. They may have gibberish captions or generic names that do not point to an authentic personality. The account may also have more stock photos than original shots. This type of composition can indicate that the account owner has not put much effort into the posts and lacks real followers for engagement.
  • Suspicious Engagement Patterns: Fake followers often interact with influencers’ posts. However, their comments and contributions tend to be unusual and inorganic. For example, you may observe that many accounts have commented with a single fire emoji each, which may point to a suspicious trend. Although this observation does not guarantee that the accounts are fake, it can lead you to use other checks to identify the authenticity of these accounts.
  • Fake Follower Details: If you want to dig deep, scroll through the follower lists of the suspected influencers. Some tell-tale signs indicate that the follower list is full of fake accounts. For example, if the followers mostly have gibberish names with the illogical placement of punctuations, it can indicate that those belong to fake accounts. You can check further details to assess if these accounts are indeed fraudulent. Look for their profile information and check if they have clear display photos. If they have incomplete details and generic pictures with very few posts, it can mean that scammers operate these accounts.
  • Irrelevant Comments: As we have explained in one of the above points, suspicious engagement rates can indicate foul play with the follower count. You can test their credibility by assessing comment trends in detail. Often fake followers try to appear genuine by commenting on generic words like “nice” and “awesome”. If several such one-word comments appear under an influencer’s post, it can mean that the influencer is not genuine. 

What To Do If Your Favourite Influencer Has Fake Followers?

Sometimes, you may observe that a legitimate and well-known influencer also has a few fake followers. These trends do not necessarily indicate that the influencer bought the followers. Instead, click farms sometimes follow top influencers as a way to expand their online presence. If the proportion of fake followers is low compared to real followers, you can go ahead with the collaboration plans. The crucial part is to focus on the real followers and understand if they meet your target demographic criteria.

These rules can help you start the process of removing fake influencers from your consideration set. However, for the best results, you should work with a top social media marketing service having the professional competence to deliver the right returns. A leading digital marketing specialist like Fenzo Digital will help you ace influencer marketing. Reach out to them today to optimise your social media strategy.

10 Benefits You Can Get From SEO For Your Business

The dawn of the Digital Age has brought about radical changes in our lives over the past few decades. The tremendous utility of the internet has revolutionized our lives in myriad ways, influencing almost every sphere of living. According to Statista, about 88.5% of the Singaporean population was using the internet in 2020. Furthermore, this figure is forecasted to grow further to more than 93% by 2025. This massive reliance of the populace on the internet makes the meteoric rise of SEO in Singapore all the more justifiable. Let us understand more about the concept of SEO and why it is so beneficial for your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A Brief Outline

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to a set of practices or a marketing technique that aims at improving the quality and quantity of traffic to a website from a search engine. In other words, SEO is concerned with enhancing the positioning of web pages in organic search engine results. The enhanced visibility helps a site rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs). Some of the most important elements in SEO strategies include indexing, content creation, page speed optimization, keyword research, web design, etc. A proficient and well-trained SEO expert can help you design the perfect SEO strategy that is best suited for your business.

SEO For Businesses: The Myriad Advantages

A well-crafted SEO strategy is capable of doing wonders for your business like:

  1. Bring Quality Traffic: SEO provides your business with high-quality web traffic steadily. You are more likely to enjoy higher web traffic if your page appears at the top of search engine results. SEO is essentially an inbound marketing strategy which aims to deliver consistent content targeting a particular audience base and establish long-term customer relationships. Hence, SEO is customer-centric, bringing the highest quality leads for your business.
  1. Trackable & Measurable: SEO is measurable, enabling you to monitor progress easily. It is quantifiable like any other digital marketing strategy to gauge user engagement. Tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console help you understand SEO performance better. You can measure significant SEO metrics like keyword ranking, web traffic, conversion rates, SERP visibility, click-through rates, bounce rates, backlinks, etc. Here a reliable SEO agency can provide you with a comprehensive idea of your marketing strategy and make the changes necessary for further progress.
  1. Enhance Brand Awareness: The closer your webpage is to the top of the search results, the more favourable would be your public perception. As higher ranked pages generate significantly more touch points, they are more likely to usher in potential customers. It allows you to communicate your desired messages with a massive audience base. It makes your brand more recognizable, enhancing its value further.
  1. Enrich User Experience: A fast webpage with impressive features always pleases site visitors. SEO can not only yield better rankings but can also provide you with more exposure. Some of the most essential elements necessary to improve user experience include page speed, fonts, backlinks, layout, security, etc. A trustworthy SEO agency in Singapore can help you provide your visitors with an impressive user experience, making them come back for more.
  1. Enjoy Competitive Edge: SEO allows you to stay ahead of your rivals considerably. Being one of the most popular marketing strategies available, most companies resort to SEO strategies nowadays. A good SEO consultant in Singapore can assist you in establishing higher rankings in organic search results for your website.
  1. Impressive ROI: Search engine optimization enjoys a reputation for bringing an impressive return on investment (ROI). However, it is a long-term marketing strategy that does not attract instantaneous results. The ultimate success of SEO depends on the budget, effort, and time committed to it. Hence, the return, in the end, outweighs the initial investments by a significant margin.
  1. Foster Credibility & Trust: SEO enables you to boost the credibility and integrity of your business. Since SEO is customer-oriented, it helps develop a user-friendly website with quality content, quick loading time, impressive features, pleasant layout, etc. It helps nurture a good relationship with your customers, with many returning for more or suggesting your site to others. It, in turn, bolsters your popularity further.
  1. Reach Target Audience: SEO enables you to design audience specific strategies per your requirements. For instance, local SEO helps you serve your immediate surroundings conveniently. It allows you to reach a wide audience base and cater to their demands. By channeling your marketing campaigns to individuals who need your products or services, you will understandably enjoy higher conversion rates.
  1. Maximize PPC Campaigns: SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) strategies work extraordinarily well together. Both operate to achieve similar goals – boost online visibility and brand credibility. Furthermore, some argue that SEO is more efficient than PPC because customers tend to trust real-time organic results more than advertisements. Hiring an SEO expert in Singapore will help you design the marketing best for you.
  • Reliable & Effective: SEO strategies aim to provide consistent quality content that matches the searcher’s intent. Potential customers tend to engage longer with a website that serves their requirements. Hence, SEO directly boosts online visibility, engagement rates and gross revenue.

The Bottom Line

Thus, the significance of well-planned SEO tactics is massively essential to safeguard the long-term success of any business. If you are looking for a reliable SEO consultant in Singapore, go online immediately! And take your business to the pinnacle of success with the best SEO strategies available!