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The Hidden Perks of Using Instagram Stories for Engagement

Listen up: Instagram stories are the next big thing, and you would definitely like where we are headed!

With more than one billion monthly active users, Instagram is ruling the social media forefront undisputedly. Why is Instagram so popular? Well, it is known for its cool crowd, out-of-the-box content, unique filters, fun live sessions, and super-engaging stories. With more than 3.05 million Instagram users in Singapore, stories have become an integral part of social media marketing in Singapore. With a tap-friendly, intuitive nature, stories have become an addictive way to attract followers.

Instagram did the unthinkable in August 2016. It launched Instagram stories for its audience. Genius or copycat? We would say it was a brilliant step to retain the audience’s attention by making them multiple stories.

Whether it is about the cute and funny content of basic everyday happenings or something related to product or services, there are numerous ways in which stories can aid in social media marketing. Are you still wondering why you should use stories? Here are some stats to back our facts!

There are 5.33 million social media users in Singapore and among all the social media channels, Instagram boasts a better outreach. If your target audience consists of youngsters, Instagram is one of the best platforms to target them.

Still, not convinced about using Instagram stories? Let’s dig a bit deeper!

How can Instagram Stories be a game changer?

If you have used Instagram, you probably already know how the stories are an excellent way to open new avenues of brand awareness. With the mentions, hashtags, location-specificity, music options, stickers, GIFs and whatnot, they have got a major competitive edge over Snapchat. The Instagram stories can add a personalized touch to how you can engage your audience. The stories are in real-time, and you can share more creative content by linking photos, and music, taking polls, asking open-end questions and more. 

Did you know according to a study conducted by Microsoft, the average human attention span has dropped from 12 to 8 seconds (yes, humans have an attention span no better than a goldfish)?   You can tell your brand’s tale, cater to the new generation of people with shorter attention spans and increase your reach substantially. If you want to delve deeper, here are the reasons why everyone must tap into the hidden potential of Instagram stories:

Build stronger relationships

Instagram stories are the most spectacular ways to engage people. Any content that you put on your story is snackable and when you post regularly through your stories, maintaining a steady presence becomes seamless. The stronger bond you have with your followers, the more people will grow to anticipate what you will come up with. Ranging from the BTS footage to sneak peeks of what’s going on with your brand or life, stories are an exquisite way to show people how you want to be perceived.

Drive traffic to your website

If you run an e-commerce business, or you have a website for better outreach, using your Instagram stories skilfully, can be an impeccable way to drive traffic to your website. Instagram has also rolled out the shopping feature to widen its e-commerce push. Using the “swipe-up” feature, and eye-catching CTAs, you can get direct website traffic. All you need to do is to work with a skilled social media agency in Singapore and they can make your story attractive enough to get more website visitors without any hiccups.

Enhanced brand awareness

As stories are visible at the top of Instagram, they are usually the first thing users see when they open the app. According to recent studies, stories have enhanced the amount of time people spend on Instagram by about 28 minutes. Imagine, remaining at the top of your customer’s minds when they are using Instagram! Now, they would feel like being a part of your brand’s journey, which would, in turn, enhance your brand awareness.

Generate leads

Although Instagram stories last for 24 hours, they can be the cornerstone of growing your pool of leads and prospects. The stories are discoverable. Therefore, people who don’t even follow you can tap on your profile icon to see your posts. You can conduct polls and quizzes for your products, services and opinions and get honest feedback for making your brand better across multiple channels.

It’s a wrap!

Have you ever been like WHAAAAAA, where has all my time gone, while tapping through your Instagram stories? Well, if you want to harness the untapped potential of your Instagram stories, make sure to reach out to the best social media agency in Singapore. Any content you put on your stories can make your brand rock-solid with every passing step. You can maintain a steady online presence and build a stronger bond with your Instagram audience. So, are you ready to enter the story-realm yet?

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