10 Important Things to Know Before Making an Animated Video

1. The Script is Most Important

Animated explainer videos is a visual medium, and you need to have striking visuals to catch the audience’s attention. That’s correct, but an animated explainer video works because it has a script that resonates with the viewers’ experience. Formulating the script, starting from the concept storyboard to the dialogue, is essential for an explainer to be effective. It should connect with the viewers’ experience, otherwise, they won’t relate to it.

2. Visuals are Secondary

There is a clear difference between animated explainer videos and social videos, Facebook or LinkedIn videos. Grabbing the viewer’s attention through visuals is important, but other elements are also essential. Even striking animation can be easily forgettable. A 3D animation company in Singapore has an initial edge, but it needs relevant content for audiences to remember it.

3. Adopt a Professional Voice

The medium is animation, but it is not at all childish or juvenile. 3d animation companies in Singapore can compare that animation is now taken seriously as an adult medium, and also an effective marketing tool. From the script content to the tone of the voiceover, it should be professional in nature. Singapore promotional videos appeal to both adults and younger audiences, as it combines an enticing medium with a serious purpose.

4. Focus on Benefits from the Viewers’ Point of View

One important aspect to make an effective explainer video is that you should focus on your audience. Animation studios in Singapore emphasize how the viewers’ way of life improves because of the product.

It is not enough for viewers to hear about the specifications, they want to know how that helps them. “We have an improved camera.” So what? “It will allow you to take panoramic shots on your next party.” That way, the viewer will consider your product.

5. The Element of Fun

While we emphasized the role of the animated video in marketing, we should not forget that animation should have an element of fun. Animation Studios in Singapore should have fun and creative working atmospheres. They should be clear with the objectives and focused on the goals, but there should always be an element of fun. Digital marketing agencies should also have the same vibe.

Why Use Animated Explainer Videos

1. The Investment is Worth It

In the past, incorporating videos as a marketing tool was like owning a Ferrari–it’s cool, but not really necessary. Nowadays, it is practically a requirement for online businesses. Internet users look for visual cues, and social media platforms have facilitated easy viewing and sharing options. Your text post will easily get drowned out as Facebook videos and Instagram videos now dominate the feeds of millions.

2. It is Most Efficient at Sales Conversions

Studies reveal that 80% of people never finish an entire blog post, so they never get to the call-to-action. In Singapore, promotional videos are used by online businesses, but animated explainer videos will combine the elements of quality content (script and visuals) and efficiently share information about your product. The animated explainer has been trending because it is the best medium at sales conversions.

3. Animated Explainer Videos are a Hit With YouTube

Animated explainer videos are very popular with Google and YouTube. Of course, other video platforms follow the trend of the top search engine. You should also take note that over 25% of shoppers use Google and YouTube for shopping. More than social videos, they seek out explainer videos since it gives them practical knowledge about your product.

4. Animated Videos Appeal to a Wider Audience

Animation as a medium is proven to speak to a wider audience. Animated movies are no longer just for kids, and are now a creative medium. Shoppers are now seeking them out, and digital marketing agencies have made partnerships with animation companies in Singapore to specifically produce animated explainer videos since they are proven effective.

There are explainers in Facebook videos, Instagram videos and even LinkedIn videos. If they are done creatively, these can also be shared around like social videos, which is like digital word-of-mouth marketing for your brand.

5. A Practical Alternative to Influencers

Animated explainer videos are considered as a more practical, product-centered marketing approach. Many viewers are already looking at better alternatives over influencer-driven marketing campaigns–they want to know more about the product, and not just rely on endorsements.

Your brand can benefit more since animated studios in Singapore along with digital marketing agencies actually offer more affordable packages than the cost of paying an influencer.

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