7 Things You Should Know About Linkedin Advertising in 2022

The only constant about digital marketing channels is their dynamism. Even the most trending digital marketing fads can become outdated and if you are looking for more leads with social media, LinkedIn ads can be a real winner.

As per the top social media company in Singapore, using LinkedIn ads, enterprises can make their brand voice reach the right audience. The platform boasts an audience of influential decision-makers which makes advertising on LinkedIn worth every penny. Stats state that among the 690 million+ members, four out of five members in Singapore have the potential to impact buying decisions. As compared to the typical audience, this audience has two times the buying power.

Undoubtedly, LinkedIn ads have all the bells and whistles, but these ads only work when you are familiar with the nerve of LinkedIn best practices. Wondering how you can leverage LinkedIn for driving brand growth? Then here’s a guide for you.

But first, what is LinkedIn Advertisement?

LinkedIn is a global social network centered around developing professional connections. Although LinkedIn doesn’t have nearly as many users as Facebook profiles, the platform can be highly effective for reaching a professional target audience for B2B campaigns. LinkedIn ads are primarily a paid marketing tool that offers access to LinkedIn handles through different sponsored posts or other methods.

LinkedIn ads belong in your marketing mix because they allow businesses to:

  • Reach a more professional audience
  • Select among a wide pool of unique advertising types
  • Narrow down their targeting through industry-specific variables
  • Increase leads and conversion rates, and more

How to Build a LinkedIn Ads Strategy from Scratch?

  • For one, create a LinkedIn page to run sponsored content
  • Create a campaign manager account, and you will be ready to get started
  • Sign in to your campaign manager; create and select a campaign
  • Select the campaign group
  • Pick your objective in the campaign manager
  • Select your ad format, budget, and schedule
  • Set up your ad(s)
  • Review your ad and launch it

7 LinkedIn Ads Tips for Running Successful Ads

Looking for LinkedIn ads best practices in 2022? Here are some tips you can follow for running successful ads:

Define your target audience and refine them with company details (company size, or industry type), interests, demographics, job experience, education, etc. You can also do A/B testing to find out what works best and which audiences can connect with your brand.

Create a succinct ad copy with a clear call to action because your readers are busy. Your end audience needs someone to spell out what they should exactly do otherwise, they might lose interest within a snap.

Choose the right content to keep your audience hooked to your ad objectives. Use text with your ads while keeping them visual. Try to convey a strong message with short videos, catchy pictures, etc. that can help you to get into your audience’s head.

Promote organic posts as well as sponsored content, publish them analyse them alongside other social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Always have an eye on segment breakdown as it estimates the right panel where you are building your audience.

Deploy analytics to find out where you are doing good and what can be improved. Try performing competitor analysis now and then to be on the top of your game.

Test your ad and be consistent with your LinkedIn ad campaign from the day you start.


LinkedIn ads are the new trendsetter because they have got sass, they come in a wide range of formats and they have got style. It might sound like we are talking about some apparel here but according to the top social media company in Singapore, LinkedIn ads are the best apparels that your marketing campaign can flaunt. LinkedIn is responsible for a major chunk of B2B leads in Singapore as well as the rest of the world and if you aren’t working with a professional social media marketing agency or following the social media marketing Singapore statistics, there are chances that you might be missing out on a lot of potential traffic.

Ready to delve into LinkedIn ad specs for your brand? Reach out to the top marketing agencies now!


1. What are the LinkedIn advertising costs?

The LinkedIn advertising costs depend on the types of ads you pick and the tenure of an ad run.

2. What are the LinkedIn advertising types?

There are primarily four types of LinkedIn ads:

  1. Sponsored content
  2. Sponsored messaging
  3. Dynamic ads
  4. Text ads

3. What is a LinkedIn ads manager?

LinkedIn ads manager is a tool that allows businesses to create, launch and measure the results of their ad campaign. The ads manager is available in 23 languages, and you can create campaigns that can be visible globally.

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