10 Must-Do Instagram Marketing Tips for Business

Instagram is not just a venue to showcase your good looks and great travels; It is now a legitimate marketing platform. Instagram marketing makes use of eye-catching visuals and smart captions as the basics, but for Instagram advertising. The smart Instagram agency can get an edge over the established influencer.

1.Show Them You Mean Business

Shifting to a business account is a necessity for Instagram management. When you click on the “Switch to Business Profile” option in the settings, new doors will be opened to you like Insights, an analytics tool that provides statistics regarding the reach of your posts and the impressions of your audience.

A business profile also provides your audience with one-click access to you, so it encourages engagement.

2.Leverage Your Followers with User-submitted Photos

You and your followers have a common intention on Instagram–more followers. Create a win-win situation by collecting user-submitted photos and featuring them on your site. There will be increased engagement with the submissions, and you get time off from creating content.

You get to come across an inclusive organization that values the suggestions and input of its audience. As long as the themes of the photos align with your branding, then this a clear win for you.

3.Brand yourself with a Hashtag

Interactive hashtags are an underrated tool for Instagram marketing. Catchy hashtags have trended and become synonymous with the brand, and if the hashtag catches on, that’s free Instagram marketing.

Using hashtags will make it easy for the users to remember you and have an idea of what you’re about. It will also help you search for photos that can be part of your user-submitted content.

4.Consider the Timing and Frequency of Your Posts

Most Instagram management agencies in Singapore can attest that in this platform, more is not always better. The timing of your post matters, and overposting is a real thing. Users may find your content enjoyable, but you can easily annoy them if you flood their feed.

Quality is heavier than quantity, and timing plays a huge part. Apps like Hootsuite helps you to regulate your posts and gives insight on the best (and worst) times to post.

5.Track the Right Metrics for Your Profile

The performance metrics are tools for the Instagram management team to formulate effective strategies. While there are various analytical tools, it is also important to monitor the right metrics, otherwise, you won’t be able to hit your target audience.

The growth rate is a good indicator, more than just the amount of followers since growth rates show the impact of your posts Also, track your engagement and URL click-through rates since these are indicators of meaningful interaction.

6.Identify Your “Look” on Instagram

Instagram is a visual platform, more than Facebook or Twitter. You cannot establish your presence on Instagram without a particular, “branded” look. It should be aligned with the content that you publish, and the look should be consistent throughout your profile.

This is more than just the logo, a look should resonate with the audience, making them remember and associate the colors and the aesthetic with your brand.

7.Maximize Stories highlights and covers

Instagram has added features like Stories to help readers up-to-date with your latest posts. Stories will disappear after 24 hours, but keeping them in custom covers, they will act like highlight albums.

Use this wisely to draw readers’ attention and give a clear picture of what your profile is about.

8.Go Live

Instagram Live is a valuable tool to add value to your engagement. In Singapore, for instance, Instagram Live is not just for marketing but also for awareness. Invite an expert on a relevant topic, like surviving the pandemic, for instance. Listeners will appreciate the info, and this could be a regular event that they will mark on their calendars.

9.Open an Instagram Shop

Yet another reason to switch to a business profile, you can have a full online store on Instagram. It’s complete with a “View Shop” tab and an option to “Shop” on the Explore Page. It’s one-click from introduction to sealing the deal.

10.Have Fun with Instagram Reels

The Explore page also has Reels which has short videos. Use this to stand out, get interactive with your readers and boost more engagement in the same manner as TikTok does.

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