10 Things to Consider for Your SEO Strategy in 2019

2018 was the year that Google surprised thousands of digital marketers by how drastic the changes are in ranking sites. For instance, when they utilized AI for over 30% of the search queries made in the said year – which now means having a million links on your website won’t guarantee that it will rank higher than those that have hundreds.

SEO is constantly innovating, and that’s why it is essential that businesses know its changes if they want to stay on top. Here are some tips to help boost your revenue in 2019.

1. The ability to use voice search

What was once an imagination now became a reality – the ability of mobiles to comprehend human speech. Searching became a lot easier with the aid of the search engines that allow voice is searching. It is also undeniably becoming a trend and will continue to improve in the following years. However, in 2019 voice search SEO will even be more necessary. Companies should upgrade to a voice search enabled SEO to boost more this year.

2. Know your user’s intention in searching and understand it.

Are your audiences more visual whether words or pictures or prefers audio? Changes in the users’ tastes, favorites, and preferences happen more rapidly than you think. No matter how perfectly structured and contextual your website may be, if it doesn’t suit the users, your business will bloom slowly. Never forget to check your keyword search and change it if necessary. Enhancing and widening your knowledge to your users’ top searches and preferences, and taking a step in advance will be a significant advantage.

3. A better loading page speed

Page loading speed has been a factor that contributes to ranking in mobile searches. The faster the loading page speed, the better. Google wants to give its users the best service by making mobile pages even faster. AMP’s gives the quickest service by 30 times faster loading times.

4. Ensure your E-A-T.

E-A-T or Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness are significant factors and a trend in 2019. A better SEO would improve quality and context as a package. Hiring expert authors, getting data from known individuals, and giving credits as well as proper recognition can indeed promote a brand.

5. Technical SEO is a good investment this year.

As websites grow, they become even more complicated. Thus having a good technical SEO is also necessary. Areas that the technical side of an SEO’s focus is JavaScript as most great search engines play well with JavaScript, PWA’s or Progressive Web Apps that your user would probably paste on the home screen, and of course the speed is one of the first point users will consider.

6. Make your content exceptional.

Perficient Digital tracked the performance of SEOs from numerous sites. Sites that have in-depth context and content regularly topped the rankings the entire year. Whereas, sites that have weaker context and content, are faced with the opposite. Additionally, if your content’s purpose is to keep your page alive, then you will barely make it this year.

7. Add your content in a featured snippet.

Snippets have taken the number one spot regarding the number of clicks received this year. SEMrush shows that 11.3% of the most search results now contain a featured snippet. Having a featured snippet means that your page reached at least rank on the ten listings on the first page. It secures space for more keyword definitions. Paragraph snippets may be the most common, but you can also use a subheader snippet or a table snippet.

8. Add LSI keywords to your content

LSI words are the words or phrases that are firmly connected with your topic. When search engines like Google notice that these word sets as being significantly connected or cover the theme, it automatically thinks that your page has it all and is in-depth content; paving the way for you to be listed with the sites on the first page and shown first.

9. Give your full effort with a video

Vlogs and Online videos are booming right now. Cisco says that by 2021, 80% of online traffic would be caused by online videos. Yet, it wouldn’t even quench the users’ need for videos. You will be greatly left behind if you do not take advantage of this platform and make it a marketing technique or medium. Additionally, 55% of Google searches contain video and more marketers advertising by using SEO-YouTube videos that save time, resources, and even effort without compromising the scope that it can cover.

10. Never forget about the importance of content and links

SEO is still and will continue to be about content and links. Without good quality content means no link. Additionally, if you do not build your link, you would not make it onto the first search page, which will lead to less exposure and promotion. Google’s number 1 and two factors are content and links. Analyzing a million results on google searches, a correlation was found between the page rankings and the number of linking sites.

Remember that more opportunities await if you constantly update and improve because change is vital and necessary if you do not be left behind regardless of what changes occur.

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