12 Best Video Editing Tips for Your Business

1. Ensure that your computer is fast enough

The first step if you want to try video editing is to invest in a fast computer with ample storage capacity. Videos, specifically high resolution ones, will take up huge storage space on any device. Any video editing company in Singapore has to invest in fast computers with immense storage. For starters, you would need at least 8GB of RAM (this is the minimum).

2. Get the right equipment

Aside from a fast computer, the quality of your videos depends on your equipment. If you will engage in video recording, then you would need the cameras. For business video editing services, you would need the necessary peripheral equipment for your computer, like an editing keyboard and audio trackers.

3. Familiarize the Keyboard Shortcuts

Just like in other software and operating systems, learning the keyboard shortcuts greatly simplifies the work. You can print shortcuts cheat sheets so you can easily use them while you are editing. Professionals from the video editing companies in Singapore also recommend buying an editing keyboard if you plan to edit many videos since it saves time.

4. Choose the right software

The best video editing services have worked with the most efficient tools. The tools for beginners that they recommend are After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. The key in choosing the right software is to define what you want to achieve, and choose which option offers a style that matches your own.

5. Watch Video Editing Tutorials

It is true that you can learn almost anything on the Internet. However, you need to choose the right sites so you would not waste time. In Singapore, many promotional videos were made from watching tutorials. Protip: As you look for tutorials target the software version of the program you’re using. Many companies adjust functionality and menu settings from version to version.

6. Understand the 3-2-1 rule of storage

Even before you edit, follow the 321 rule when storing important data. Professionals involved in corporate video production suggest the 321 rule. Keep three copies of everything you create, in at least two different places, with one of those places physically separated from your other locations. That way, if there would be any untoward incident, you would still have a copy somewhere.

7. Learn About Camera Angles

Most video editing companies would advise that you familiarize yourself with camera angles. Each camera angle fulfills a purpose, and they can convey a different atmosphere. You can send a clearer message to your viewers if you employ this.

8. Update Yourself the Time and Pace Essentials

Aside from camera angles, another video editing technique from the best video editing service is using time and pace. If you want to captivate your audience, changing the time and pace can put more emphasis on certain details, and it can also dictate the mood of the video itself. You just need to avoid overdoing it since it can be an unnecessary distraction. The speed and frames per second (FPS) of your shots can add more impact on the overall viewing experience.

9. Learn the Types of Cuts and When They are Used

When we mention editing, our initial thought is about making cuts on the video. Even for affordable video editing services, they use rough and fine cuts, motion and movement cuts, etc. In Singapore, promotional videos use artful cuts to provide clear and concise information to their viewers.

10. Set the Ambience

Aside from the theme, you also need to set the ambience of your video. Business video editing services would have a more serious ambience than affordable video services for various occasions. The ambiance should be coordinated with the lighting, angles and also the audio.

11. Make Good Use of the Audio

The best video editing services will attest that videos are not complete without audio and music. For a holistic user experience, the synergy of the visuals and the audio is important. The best video production in Singapore has coordinated presentation of sights and sound, in the same way classic movies also have great soundtracks.

12. Add Text and Graphics

For corporate video productions, there is a need to add text and graphics to convey more information and also to place the scenes in proper context. For marketing videos and advertising, there is a limited time frame, so using text and graphics are necessary.

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