The Best Free Video Editing Software in 2021

As more people can now access video from their mobile devices, marketing through video has become more competitive. The quality of your video counts, and video editing is now a premium service. For your small business, you can use video editing software listed here, but you may need a video editing agency if you need to have corporate video output.

Top Free Video Editing Software:


It claims to be the world’s no.1 video maker specialized for marketing purposes. They are designed for making promotional videos, with professional video clips, royalty-free music, and video templates to customize for possible customers and clients. Promo allows instant access to social media platforms, and if you have a video editing agency, they can use Promo’s advanced editing tools and extra features to enrich your brand.

2. Biteable

As the name suggests, this is a video editing software for beginners who want to make short marketing videos. The platform prioritizes ease of use, even as they still have a library of over  85,000 stock videos and photos.

Despite the user-friendly platform, the tools have ample capacity to produce high quality videos. Under video editing experts’ deft hands, you can form an effective video campaign fit for any social media campaign.

3. OpenShot

This is one of the more powerful open-source video editing software platforms out there. Packed with a wide array of features, it is a choice for more advanced video works, and maximized if you have a video editing agency working for you.

You can use OpenShot even at a novice-level. It can be used with Linux, Mac, or Windows. Even as a beginner, you can incorporate unlimited layers, smooth video transitions, real-time previews, and animation effects. It also features a cut and slice tool to seamlessly piece together clips from multiple sources.

4. Lightworks

Lightworks has a paid version, but even with just the free version, your video editing agency can create a corporate video which can ably represent your brand and your product. It features multi-cam support, and you can export to 720 for YouTube. It has tools and templates for almost any social media platform, so resizing for your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts would not be an issue. When you upgrade to the paid version, you can make 4k videos.

Lightworks provides your video editing crew access to more than 100 effects, original production music, and stock video from Audio Network and Pond5. If you want to learn it yourself, you can  view their handy tutorials.

5. Adobe Premiere Rush

For the hands-on entrepreneur who wants to ensure his followers are always updated, Adobe Premiere Rush is a tool you can access on iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android. It can meet all the video editing requirements and share them in your platform of choice. As a mobile app, you can edit easily on-the-go. You can also use the desktop version which is compatible with both Mac and Windows PCs.

The interface is user-friendly with color, audio, motion graphics, and other editing options. You can create the video right from the app and direct to social media accounts. The paid version has features comparable to heavy, desktop video editing software.

6. Shotcut

The best video editing services can produce high-class promotional videos with just open source software, especially if they have 4k videos. Shotcut is completely free, and it can support all video formats and run on all platforms. It was originally designed for Linux, but like the open source operating system, it can now adapt to Mac and Windows. It has similar features with the previous free video editing software mentioned, but it exceeded some of their limits.

Since Shotcut offers video features similar to complicated and heavy paid software, the interface may seem too complex for a beginner. This is why Shotcut became the preferred platform of visual art professionals who offer video editing in Singapore.

7. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve has been a favorite among video editing professionals. Some of the best video editing services in Singapore use DaVinci Resolve. Named after the versatile, multi-talented artist, this platform is capable of heavy-duty editing that is usually found in paid versions and feature-heavy platforms.

DaVinci Resolve can run on  Windows, Mac, and Linux. Video editing agencies appreciate how you can easily collaborate on a project with this software, and there is even an option to protect your projects with user rights.

8. HitFilm Express

If you want your promotional videos to have the look and feel of a real movie, them HitFilm Express is the video editing software of choice. It was made by FX Home Limited, who are known to collaborate with Hollywood directors and YouTube video creators. It is a professional grade video editing tool, and along with DaVinciResolve, rank high with the best video editing services in Singapore.

HitFilm Express is ample even in the free version. However, for a video editing agency working on a corporate video, the price of 349 USD is worth it. It unlocks all the additional features and stock videos and resources.

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