Best Video Editing Apps to Use In 2022

Video content is currently the hottest online trend, with people spending hours glued to their screens. In Singapore, video editing is fast becoming an indispensable skill. Considering the rising propensity to watch videos, commercial organisations need video content to draw in users. Statista reports that ad video spending in Singapore is set to grow by 13.9% between 2022 and 2026. Businesses and individual creators also need video editing skills to build organic traffic and drive online engagement.      Hiring a professional video editing company can help you create attractive, impactful videos. However, you can also rely on online video editing service to make stunning, content-driven videos.  Here are the top ways for you to jazz up your videos, as well as ease your video editing woes!


Choosing A Video Editing App: How and Why?

Whether you run a video editing agency or need videos for your content platform, a video editing app can come to your rescue.  There are apps available for any experience level, be it beginner or expert. You can choose a video editing app to leverage the following benefits:

  • It is a cost-effective way to manage all your video editing needs
  • The apps offer seamless remote editing functionalities for productivity and convenience
  • Easy-to-use features and in-built templates can help you create high-quality visuals with minimal effort


There are more benefits to unlock with top-notch video editing apps. But how can you choose one that best serves your needs? The following criteria can help you narrow down your choices.

  • Budget
  • Device types used
  • Functionalities preferred
  • Target applications


Here is a round-up of some of the best apps a video editing company in Singapore can use.


Top 6 Video Editing Apps for Users in Singapore

A video editing company can choose among the following apps for creating its video content.


  1. InVideo: InVideo is an easy-to-use video editing app with intuitive features and customisable templates. This app is perfect for both beginners and experts because it allows users to mix and match the templates to create professional quality videos. An impressive collection of stock media also helps users add attractive graphics, music, and more. It offers many premium editing features for free, allowing users to create top-notch videos in a matter of minutes.


  1. RenderForest: This top-rated application is a powerful tool for bringing your ideas to the screen. This application has an AI-based logo creation feature. Users can add relevant descriptions and the AI module will generate a logo that fits the description. You can add graphics and music from your content library or use their high-quality presets. Beginners and intermediate users can use this video editing service for creating content formats like cartoons and vlogs. The application offers precise editing tools for cutting, trimming, voice-over, and more for seamless video creation.


  1. Filmora: Creators in Singapore can use Filmora’s full-suite video editing services for creating professional videos. Experts and beginners can leverage Filmora’s attractive array of templates, designs, and custom features to make eye-catching videos. Stunning filters, social media integration, and branding customisation in Filmora can help you create top-notch commercial videos. The free version also allows you to explore these features and create videos with watermarks. Of course, if you need to use your videos professionally, the paid version lets you develop watermark-free versions of your videos.


  1. Cyberlink Powerdirector: This app is a powerhouse of feature-rich tools for creating professional videos for your business and more. This AI-driven application offers several advanced functionalities like wind removal, sky detection, speech enhancement, and more. This app also includes a standard stock media library to help beginners create high-quality videos without delving too deep into the advanced features. However, the presence of more advanced features like keyframing, AI-based motion sensing, and audio-ducking makes this an unparalleled choice for video editors.


  1. Adobe Premiere Pro: No list of video editing apps can be complete without this stellar app from software giant Adobe. Beginners as well as professionals love this app for its unique functionalities. The Adobe Sensei AI integration adds tools and features to boost the convenience factor. Easy management of aspect ratios, superfast exports, and convenient rendering options also make the Adobe Premiere Pro a hit among users. Virtual reality edits or 360-degree video editing can also become possible with this high-quality tool.


  1. Da Vinci Resolve: This app is perfect for professionals who have prior video editing knowledge. However, the app also offers training modules for beginners starting with this platform. AI-driven features help with the video editing in this app, correcting spatial and temporal noise. It provides cohesive editing options with motion graphics, colour correction, stabilisation, and more. Its excellent stock media set also helps users add magic to their creations.


Users in Singapore can choose between these apps based on their unique needs, preferences, and constraints to create beautiful videos that tell a story.

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