Can We Use Both SEO and SEM Strategy through a Digital Marketing Agency?



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Can We Use Both SEO and SEM Strategy through a Digital Marketing Agency?

SEM v/s. SEO

A digital marketing agency should employ all possible methods to gain a good position for their client. Search engine optimization (SEO) and Search engine marketing (SEM) are complementary methods as progress in one could help the other. They have similar purposes (gain better position in the search engine results pages) but different approaches.

SEO began as a marketing strategy but has evolved into a “code of conduct” for website content and functionality. As search engines shifted their algorithms to emphasize quality of content and the credibility of the information given.

SEM deals with calibrated paid ads that are designed to appear on search engine results pages when a user searches for certain targeted keywords. Thus, the main difference of the two is that SEO deals with growing an organic audience, so that will take time. SEM has faster results, but it will only generate traffic while the ads are in place.

Can We Use Both?

Digital marketing agencies are likely to recommend both SEM and SEO to their clients. While they both rely on keywords and their primary purpose is to generate traffic to your site, the mechanics, timeline and results are different.

One way to describe how SEO and SEM work together is to imagine building a garden. SEO are seeds which will take time to grow, while SEM are potted plants that are already grown. Both will contribute to the development of the garden, but the seeds, like SEO, are a continuing process of growth, while the potted plants are noticeable right away.

In a similar fashion, SEO and SEM contribute to driving traffic to your site, but SEO, when correctly cultivated, will have continuing benefits for the longer term. This is why SEO in Singapore calls them “organic.” There is a natural increase in traffic when you practice SEO in Singapore.

Difference of Content

SEO practices hinge on website content quality and sensible usage of relevant keywords. “Quality” aside from general standards in content, is also defined by the search engine algorithm. Thus, there is always a need to update and adjust.

SEM service is hinged on paid ads, but these are not the same as regular ads. Top digital marketing agencies will formulate the most cost efficient SEM strategy to maximize your budget by choosing the right keywords and ad parameters. Thus, they need to know what keyword combinations are being used by your target audience when they search for products and services.

How They Work Together?

SEM Service is based on bidding, so digital marketing agencies need to be very strategic on what keywords they want to bid. At the same time, there is also an overall quality score of the ad you will be posting.

Evaluating the quality of the ad is based on parameters similar to SEO values. The quality of the content, organic usage of keywords, and the overall credibility of the website are factors. Thus, SEO should be considered as a standard operational procedure for websites, including their SEM strategy. Paid ads will give a boost to your marketing effort while the foundation of SEO is built. This will ensure continuous traffic on your website.

There is also a difference between the quality of visitors. For SEM services, the visitors are likely to convert as customers because they were already searching for the keyword in the first place. This is why it is a very effective strategy since the users are already interested to begin with.

SEM programs are limited, since they are paid ads. Also, there is no guarantee that you will always win the bid. This is why SEO is always important. It is the lifeblood of any successful website.

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