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Digital Marketing vs Online Marketing: Are they Same?

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Singapore is a digitally forward country, and over the years, the local businesses, irrespective of their scale and structure, have upgraded digital platforms, more so during the 2020 pandemic phase. Owing to the rapid digitization, the digital marketing service has received significant traction as well. Let’s take a look at the stats supporting the claim:

  • 92 million People regularly use internet in Singapore, which is 84% of the population.
  • 72% of advertising revenue in 2020 was generated through digital ads.
  • There has been a 32% increase in online shopping.
  • The target audience of the digital marketing industry has increased to 4 million people.

So, it is well-established that people and businesses in Singapore are well aware of the digital side of marketing and its significance. However, a common mix-up happens more often than one realizes; the general notion that digital marketing in Singapore and online marketing is the same. Even internet searches regarding these can be quite misleading. So, here we are with a simple presentation of the differences between digital marketing and online marketing.

Digital Marketing vs Online Marketing


Digital MarketingOnline Marketing
Digital marketing has a broad spectrum that comprises a plethora of marketing strategies implemented through digital mediums to promote services or products. From the website to the social media platform, everything is included within the digital marketing service.Online marketing or internet marketing is a sub-category of digital marketing that comprises online marketing strategies focus on building a thriving internet presence.

What Falls under Digital Marketing and Online Marketing

Digital MarketingOnline Marketing
Social Media Marketing: Social media is one of the most influential digital marketing mediums with an extensive reach and greater ROI but at a minimal cost. The use of multiple social media platforms in the marketing mix garners visibility for the business, increasing direct engagement with the intended audience.Search Engine Optimization: SEO is directed towards increasing the website traffic through on-page, off-page, and technical optimization. It enhances the user interaction with the website. SEO is further stimulated by content and video optimization, generation of quality backlinks, website responsiveness, loading speed, etc. The more compact your SEO strategy, the better the chances of your website ranking going through the roof.
Mobile Marketing: Mobile marketing is directed towards promotion and advertising through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Mobiles require a separate set of rules and strategy building practices for online promotion, and that’s why it requires separate and dedicated attention from the digital marketers. With the advent of apps, the emphasis on mobile marketing has amplified notably.Search engine marketing: SEM is used to direct the visitor traffic to a particular page using paid search advertising. SEM’s most potent and popular form is pay-per-click advertising, which can boost traffic to a website in a very short duration.
Display Marketing: Display advertising is not what you see on roadside billboards. It is a different aspect of digital marketing that focuses on promoting a business through banner and flyer ads online. These are incorporated on both apps and websites and social media sites as well. It gives the brand direct exposure from the target audience and one of the fastest means to garner online visibility.

To summarize, digital marketing is the umbrella term, and online marketing is a part of digital marketing. While there are mutual aspects applicable to both forms of marketing, thinking them to be synonymous is not right. These are some basic technicalities, knowing which will help you hire the right digital marketing agency in Singapore.

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