Fixing Loopholes: Why Seo Audits Are An Online Creator’s Best Friend

Creating a fruitful web presence is not as easy as it sounds. The internet is brimming with all types of content in every possible niche. As a content creator online, if you want to ensure a steady flow of revenue from your web presence, you must put your best foot forward. And that is not limited to well-optimised quality content. While that is quite vital, you need to ensure that this quality content continues to perform well for a long time. This goal may seem difficult, but having an SEO strategy that includes regular audits will help you accomplish the objective. If you are in it for the long haul, nothing can prove to be as helpful as website audits. Here is a brief guide on what an SEO audit is and how it can help an online creator.

What are SEO audits?

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the chief way of ensuring that your website garners visibility. There are a thousand different ways of optimising your website. If you already have a web presence, the basics of SEO must be at your fingertips.
  • But search engine optimisation alone cannot guarantee your website’s performance. This is where audits come in. In simple words, SEO audits are hairline scrutiny of your SEO strategies. Audits put your website under a microscope and detect any fault in your SEO techniques. They help identify the areas where you can improve the performance of your website.

Why do I need audits?

After reading about audits, you should already understand how they can help out an online creator. Like regular doctor visits ensure that you are at the top of your health, audits guarantee that your website is well-maintained. It is like a health check-up for your website that diagnoses issues and suggests several solutions.

What can SEO audits accomplish?

When you run an SEO audit, the audit toolkit will evaluate various components of your website. The main goal of this evaluation would be to understand whether every element—technical, on-page, and off-page—that influences your website’s visibility and ranking is up to the mark. Following is a list of the chief areas where audits can be of particular benefit:

  • Keyword use: The importance of keywords cannot be stressed enough when it comes to securing a good SERP ranking. Audits ensure that the SEO keywords you are using are the ones that will help your content gain greater visibility. The relevance of your keywords is evaluated and you get to know if and how your keywords are helping you reach your target audience. This positively influences web traffic in your direction.
  • User Experience: Since search engines like Google reward user-friendly sites, having a website that is difficult to navigate for a user is a major loophole. Audits help you effectively recognise and address the issues contributing to a poor UX.
  • Website speed: The speed at which your website is loading also affects website UX. Audits run a page speed analysis and help you out with the problem.
  • Content analysis: Is the content you are generating to the best of your abilities? Audits will help you detect gaps in content and optimise the same. In case of plagiarised or duplicate content, audits will help you identify these flaws. There will be no room for thin content. The titles you use and your website’s metadata will also be examined, which means that your website’s major on-page and technical elements have no flaws.
  • Off-site analysis: Your website’s performance doesn’t only depend on just your website. For instance, the backlinks on other sites to your website can make or break the credibility of your website. If the linking site itself is not reliable, or if your website has succumbed to Black Hat SEO backlinking, an audit will alert you about the same and you can then take the necessary steps to uproot the problem.
  • Competitor analysis: There is no better way of excelling in your niche than knowing how to beat your competitors. You can only do that if you know their analytics and metrics. Audits help you judge your website’s position vis-à-vis other creators in the market. Automatically, this opens up fields in which you can improve.

Do you now realise why including audits in the SEO strategy you follow for your website can have huge benefits for you? Audits make your website foolproof. In the long-term, you would have a web presence that constantly identifies possible areas of improvement and adapts to the latest market trends.

How often do I need to run audits for my website?

  • You need to figure out how often you should run audits for your website for the best results. Experts usually advise that a website undergoes one comprehensive audit at least once a year. But that may not be sufficient. Since the online world is constantly evolving, there will be new standards to achieve, trends to keep in mind, and an audience to cater. Thus, running SEO audits bi-annually or quarterly yields the best output.
  • Also, remember that you should run an audit as soon as you detect a drop in traffic to your website or become aware of poor UX feedback. Googlealgorithms are quick to reward and penalize. Just because you generate optimized content doesn’t mean your website cannot perform better. You have to stay at the top of your game all the time. You already know what that means—regular audits!

How can digital solutions providers help?

There are various optimization audit tools available on the internet. Here are a few you can check out and use to run your next website audit.

  • SEMRush audit tool
  • SEOmator
  • Google Console
  • DeepCrawl
  • GTmetrix
  • Copyscape
  • OnCraw

Despite the abundance of SEO tools you might find at your disposal, it can be hard to carry out technical audits. If you are a beginner or an amateur, figuring out everything on your own might not be the best way to build a rewarding web presence. Thus, you can hire a digital solutions provider to guide you. When you contact top firms like Fenzo Digital, you get the assistance of an SEO expert who will have the expertise and the precise tools to help you out with SEO and SEO audits. Offering top-notch services that range from SEO and data analytics to web design and content marketing, these firms have professionals who will take care of all your SEO needs and more. You and your team will have an SEO expert by your side, providing you with time-tested strategies to upgrade your web presence.

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