How to Find the Best Copywriter for Your Brand

The goal of any kind of business is to make their brand known so ultimately, they can reach prospective clients and later on generate revenue. This is where copywriting enters the picture. Copywriting is the process of creating different types of marketing materials that are compelling enough for people to take action. This may mean clicking on a certain link to an advertiser’s website, making a donation, or simply purchasing the business’s products.

Copywriting plays an important role in your business. For one, it helps you connect to your target market and speak their language. Aside from making your brand noticeable, a good copy also makes sure that your business’s image is clear for your target market. Most importantly, a well-executed copy can boost your sales.

A professional copywriter who is a digital marketing service expert can help you reap all the benefits of copywriting. When looking for the best copywriter to hire, here are the qualities you should look for:

Skill Level

Copywriters have different specialties. Some are experts in coming up with sales copies, like product descriptions or text on adverts. Meanwhile, others are focused on web content, including social media posts or articles. Before hiring one, you should first determine what kind of content you need. Once you have established the kind of copy you need, find a copywriter who has the skills to meet this. Go for a copywriter who carries the following abilities:

Strong Writing Skills

One who is intricate when it comes to grammar, spelling, punctuation, writing style and tone, and more.

Audient and Market Research Skills

One who not only understands who your target market is but also proficient in creating up-to-date content.

SEO Skills

One who can create copies that can position your website on the front of the search engine results.

User Experience

One who understands that using headers and bullet lists helps easy reading for viewers or one who can come up with captivating headlines to make your website stand out.

Consider hiring a freelance or contract copywriter if you’ll only need them for a one-time project. But if your copy needs will be a regular thing, you can either invest in them and hire them full-time or keep them on a monthly stipend.

Well-Versed in Your Industry

Select a copywriter who has already handled projects in your industry or well-versed in your niche. With their experience, you can have peace of mind knowing that they can deliver well to what you’re asking them for. Of course, you may still want to keep your doors open for other digital marketing Singapore firms to see if their copywriters are a good fit.

Can Adopt to Your Voice

No matter what products or services you promote, your brand has a certain voice. You can either be seen as informative or caring. Discuss your business’s personality with the copywriter you’re looking to hire and see if he/she can manifest it through his/her sample copy.

Listens Attentively and Asks the Right Question

When hiring a copywriter, go for someone who isn’t afraid of asking questions. While you may already provide details in advance, a good copywriter will still be able to think of follow-up questions just to ensure they get your copy correctly. They should also be willing to listen to what you prefer in a copy. After all, you’re the client and they should be willing to adjust to your requirements. However, you should also listen to them should they think your thoughts don’t match the copy you want.

Professional Portfolio and References

Anyone who’s applying for a job is always in their ‘best foot forward’. To help in your screening process, ask for portfolio and references. A professional copywriting agency Singapore firm surely has these details. Here, you can see their sample works and gauge if their experience will match your requirements. Also, you get the chance to see what past clients say about them. You may even contact them to verify.


Copywriting is a huge asset to any business if the right person is hired. That is why it’s important to take time in finding the best person to do the job. Get to know their skills and personality, and let them undergo a test just to make sure that they are a suitable candidate. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t want to waste your budget and effort just because you hired the wrong one.

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