How Vital is Hyper Local SEO for your business



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How Vital is Hyper Local SEO for your business

Hyper Local SEO

The impact of digital marketing on modern businesses has been tremendous over the last decade especially with the evolution, transition, and dependence on computers, the internet, and smartphones. Living in a smart world has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you are a business owner, it is high time you evolve and align yourself with the growing digital trends. Else, you would face extinction like thousands of others who perished simply due to their inability to cope up with the changing market trends. The digital revolution is a unique transformation where businesses need to digitize themselves to harness the power of digitization with the assistance of digital agencies to avoid digital disruption. Now let us drop the word ‘digital’ for the time being! Let us ask ourselves a few very basic sets of questions:

How many people use a smartphone in the year 2019?

The number of smartphone users in 2019 is a stunning 4.86 billion taken into approximation considering the minor variations and errors in data collection and sampling. In Singapore itself, the number of mobile phone users is 4 million plus.

How many people make business inquiries through mobile phones?

The number of smartphone users making business inquiries from their smartphones is close to 3 million.

How can I harness the power of digital customers?

The answer is Hyper Local SEO! It would align your business with the search results of the customers. Once you get a good local online presence, the profit tables would get turned easily in your favor. Let us see the different steps which are necessary to set up your local online presence effectively!

  • Setting up Google My Business Profile
  • Put hyper local terms on the web page and promotional content
  • Use schema or structured data markup

How would I make the Hyperlocal Marketing Strategy Successful?

  • Explore every marketing idea and put it to test
  • Establish strong business relations with the business community
  • Leverage the secret of content relevancy
  • Ensure unique customer experiences

Important tactics when it comes to using the marketing keywords

The choice of the marketing keywords should be based on the values shown by the recognized keyword research tools like Google Adwords Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest’s Keyword Tool and Moz’s Keyword Explorer. Targeting the keywords which have a high search volume would automatically turn the tide in favor of a local business. Imagine, your local business showing up with a high search volume keyword in Singapore. The number of queries coming to your business would increase exponentially leading to assured ROI optimization.

The second most important point which is associated with Hyper-Local SEO would be the region specific keywords. The importance of region specific keywords is vital in local SEO. For example, you are targeting customers who would be looking for a restaurant near the Suntec City Mall. The right keyword should have the phrase ‘restaurant near Suntec City’.

Google autocorrect and auto-suggest tools are very helpful in selecting the right keywords and generating the desired traffic from the location. With a plethora of marketing assistance tools available in Google, you just need to be careful with your content marketing strategy and keyword selection. Over the last decade, Google has transformed the face of many businesses by acting as a conversion funnel. Proper digital strategies increase the funnel conversion ratio leading to positive results for businesses.

The power of digitization will go far beyond customer conversion and sales. It would soon become the biggest ecosystem connecting millions of humans across the globe. The rapid rise in digitization would automatically expand the potential of local and small businesses to timestamp their presence in the markets. Many small businesses in Singapore have already aligned their businesses with the local search market and have harnessed its massive potential.

Local SEO in Singapore has become a very sought after service since the country has tremendous potential in terms of consumerism. Plus, thousands of tourists visit Singapore each year. Most of the tourists use local search to identify the best restaurants, hotels, malls, shops, and places of interest. Google has a place for everyone.

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