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Should You Practice Local SEO or Global SEO?

Local SEO vs Global

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has now become more complex, but it is also more efficient. As SEO experts will teach, there is now a bigger gap between local and global SEO. The lines in these two types of SEO service are wider and more recognizable, even if the dynamics can still be similar.

Local SEO Defined

When you refer to local SEO, these are area-specific, like “top SEO in Singapore” or “best pizza in New York.” While that may seem like a minor change, SEO consultants in Singapore note that it could have many advantages compared to generic SEO, or for comparison, global SEO.

Some of the advantages of Local SEO Practice according to top SEO experts include:

  1. Increase of local brand awareness & recognition, which can translate to actual connections and relationships outside the online platform of a company.
  2. Singapore SEO service points out that it will help with lead generation, which is worth a community investment.
  3. The top SEO company in Singapore uses it to boost the overall exposure of a brand, and they can mount marketing campaigns that could eventually bring exponential growth.
  4. When you practice local SEO, Singapore netizens will easily relate to the brand as their own, which also means that the brand has knowledge on Singaporeans’ high standards. The best SEO in Singapore acknowledges and addresses that most of the local audience are progressive in nature.
  5. It would be easier to market your products if they are geographically sensitive. For example, Singapore SEO agencies would have knowledge of seasonal trends and needs. They would not sell inapplicable products like skis or winter masks.
  6. SEO consultants in Singapore note that more customers want to read relevant reviews before making an online purchase. Local SEO agencies will have more Singapore-based reviews, and these can carry more weight for the prospective customers.

These advantages can be maximized by adopting keywords that are specific to local SEO. Conversely, local SEO would also have disadvantages.

  1. The market would be limited to locals, and may disconnect with the general online population. SEO experts note that local SEO can alienate other markets, even though you may actually be able to cater to them.
  2. The price rate may be more expensive depending on the market, especially if the market is more competitive. SEO agencies in Singapore do charge higher, since the market is highly competitive.
  3. Local SEO takes time to develop. Aside from the limitations in the market, the rankings are not as dynamic or quick to change compared to global SEO. The SEO expert in Singapore estimated a waiting time of 6 months before results start to make an impact.
  4. SEO consultants would often advise local SEO if there is a physical store in the target market, or if the products are highly localized.

While local SEO can be used for exclusive online operations, the question is whether you should just shift to Global SEO instead.

The Edge and Drawbacks of Global SEO

If your company’s operations are very limited in terms of area logistics and marketing, then local SEO is often recommended. However, for a general global operation, there is still an option to go Global.

The main edge of Global SEO is that it has a broad reach, since your market is the entire world. However, the competition is tight, since you have all the brands on the internet. Along with competition, global SEO requires SEO agencies to be more dynamic and agile, since the global market and their corresponding algorithms are changing very quickly. 

The top SEO in Singapore is constantly changing, since they know that if you fail to keep up with the changes, there can be negative effects on your rankings.

The choice of Local or Global SEO still depends on many factors, foremost of which is the extent of your operation, your brand, and the products and services that you offer. For both global and local SEO, experts in Singapore would recommend vigilance through consistent monitoring and website maintenance. These are universal standards.

Search engine optimization in Singapore and the rest of the world entails commitment and dedication, constant research and development of new skills and software.

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