11 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses on a Budget

Facebook is a platform where more than a billion people hang out. Facebook marketing is focused, basing on the user profile’s likes and interests. Social media marketing in Singapore still thrives on Facebook, but this platform is more visual than Twitter or LinkedIn. Hence, these are some tips to consider.

1.Flash a Killer Cover Photo

As mentioned, Facebook is a visual platform so photos and videos are encouraged. A cover photo can paint a thousand words and provide the introduction on who (or what) type of page you are. The Cover photo dominates the profile, so use it as the hook to keep the people interested. Show a picture that wows the crowd and piques their curiosity.

Another key feature of Facebook–if you gain a fan of your page, your cover photo and subsequent updates will now be part of your fans’ timelines. That’s more free exposure.

2.Smart Content is a Must

Facebook has advertising already so your own Facebook marketing strategy should also include subtle approaches that lead to engagement. Social media marketing agencies recommend well-researched, quality content with an authoritative feel that presents expertise in your field.

Social media marketing in Singapore is saturated, so it is also advised to curate your content with actual experts. Share content that positions your page as a hub for useful, smart content.

3.Be a Facebook Stories – teller

It is sound advice to keep in touch with your audience regularly, even on a daily basis. However, flooding them with ads and promotions may drive them off since so many companies are doing that. One way to keep yourself on your audience’s “top of mind” is through Facebook Stories. Stories is the new expiring content feature that is also streamed through Facebook’s sister app, Instagram. The stories expire in 24 hours, so they will not be part of your main profile page after that time.

Facebook Stories is a way to develop regular interaction with your audience. Since the content expires in 24 hours, this is a good venue for posting time-sensitive content and limited-time promotions.

4.Use a Content Calendar

Another valuable tool to keep track of your posts is a Content Calendar. This is an effective way to ensure that you do not have duplicate posts and that you have properly scheduled gaps so you would not overpost or spam your followers’ feed.

With a content calendar, you can schedule your posts appropriately with apps like Buffer or Sprout Social. But content calendars are just a tool, it is still best to remember your posts so you can react to comments accordingly.

5.Use Social Media for Customer Service

One way to create a win-win situation is to conduct your customer service activities on your social media platform. Facebook management advisers note that customers find this more convenient since they are already on Facebook.

If they give feedback or make inquiries on Facebook or other social media, it increases the engagement rating of that post. This is a win for you since engagement will attract more audiences. You need to take time and effort to be responsive to both queries and complaints since Facebook also keeps track of your responsiveness.

6.Humanize Your Profile by Adding to Your Facebook Stories

As mentioned earlier, Post casual content in stories–human content with subtle hints at your business. Your audience has the option to save it. Social media management experts suggest behind-the-scenes outtakes, lighthearted or funny jokes, and even user-generated content.

Digital marketing agencies like using stories because they can let their hair down. Stories are supposed to have a spontaneous feel, so they don’t need to have high production values. But they should show your human side and connect with the audience sending the message that the profile and the company it represents is run by humans.

7.Focus on a Target audience

A good digital marketing agency should make the most of your time and also maximizing audience interaction. In busy, fast-paced Singapore, the audience appreciates it if you do not waste their time. You can initiate discussions by asking questions and conducting user surveys. Then you can focus your promotional efforts on respondents who stand to benefit most from your product or service.

Social media is interactive, as opposed to TV or radio ads where they air blindly. You can target specific demographics or people who lean towards a certain interest. You maximize your efforts and resources and audiences will appreciate your effort.

8.Bring More Buyers with Facebook’s Product Catalog Ads.

Posting ads is seen as an expensive venture, but Facebook has a feature that has made it very efficient. The Product Catalog Ads provides a rich browsing experience for shoppers, and it results in increased product discovery and engagement. It is also very helpful for retargeting.

The Product Catalog Ads follows a template that can increase sales by up to 300% and allows you to connect to your catalog from other platforms. Return of Ad Spend (ROAS) reached 3000% for some companies.

9.Facebook Pixel Profiles Your Visitors

Social media marketing has really changed the game, as Facebook Pixel maintains profiles of visitors to your advertisements. At the same time, they also target similar profiles of the visitors. This collected data is used to target audiences for your next advertisements, making sure that your products and services are presented to a relevant audience.

Set up your pixel and you can see higher ROAS since you are now focused on a higher quality audience. This is good for smaller businesses who need to maximize returns on their limited budget.

10.Retarget Interested Viewers with Facebook Custom Audiences

The attention span of most internet users is very short. Thus, when viewers sit through more than half the length of the video, it can be assumed that they are interested. Digital marketing agencies are already formulating special offers for Facebook Custom Audiences–a tool which identifies people who have watched over 75% of a video posted on Facebook.

With the Facebook Custom audiences, you can target the audience that is interested in your product, so the possibility of closing a sale is high. You can make very specific offers since you know the audience has the interest and patience to hear you out.

11.Link Retargeting Expands Your Reach

Even when the Facebook retargeting ads are already in place, you should still try link retargeting. With link management tools like Rebrandly, you don’t have to wait for people to visit your website before they can be your target.

With this tool, you can attach a Facebook retargeting pixel to reviews and news in the media that are related to your industry–even if they link to a different website. This way, you can expand your reach in the industry at a faster rate.

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