7 Factors of Social-Media Marketing Most People Don’t Know

Social Media Marketing sounds like fun and games, weaving your magic keywords into the platforms where a billion users converge. While most people of Singapore are already on social media, it is not as easy as simply ringing on their virtual doorbell.

1.Keywords are not Magic Words

While the customers are all on social media, it is not so easy to just ring their virtual doorbells. Keywords are also not magic chants that will suddenly bring hordes of hits on your websites or inquiries on your social media.

Social media marketing is an extracting science, and in Singapore, quality content matters. You need to have a very keen sense of what your target audience wants.

2.Social Media Savvy is the fruit of Hard Work

Being social media savvy is not achieved overnight. You need to have a sharp radar to anticipate trends. If it’s already trending, you’re already too late.

If you get the notion that social media marketing is fun from the social media influencer lifestyle, you’re in for a shock. These personalities have invested time, effort and money to get to where they are.

3.A Big or Fast Growing Following Isn’t Always a Measure Of Success

When it comes to social media marketing, most people have the notion that it’s a numbers game. This is not the case. An increase is always welcome, and you can never have too many likes and followers. However, social media agencies in Singapore care more about the quality of your audience, so they need to mount better strategies than simply investing in ads to hike up their followers.

Having 50,000 followers is great, but for a business, you would rather have 5,000 actual interested clients who are likely to be active customers.

4.Creative Engagement is Important, and it Takes Time

Social media is a visual platform, and this is why you need to have pictures and video to catch attention. That’s exactly what everyone is doing. You need to stand out and be different, so you should engage your audience. To do that, leave some comments and ask open ended questions. Get to know your audience, learn more about them and you gain more insight about what they want. As a bonus, you also get to work with the current algorithms.

5.Data is Not Always Directly Tracked

While social media marketing is heavily driven by analytics and tracking, digital marketing agencies will promptly make a disclaimer that they cannot directly track all effects of your marketing strategy.

There is no foolproof formula that can guarantee a viral post. There are elements that contribute to a post going viral–these are the best practices that you are advised to follow, but there are other factors in play. Sometimes, even when you have adhered to your strategy to the letter, there would still be unexpected factors that can adversely affect your post. Social media is not predictable, and some posts can eventually pick up or become relevant at a later, unexpected date.

6.Social Media Marketing is Getting Saturated

Here’s a reality check for the digital marketing agencies and social media marketing strategists here in Singapore and beyond: The social media marketing industry is getting saturated.

Remember the reasons that you took up social media—all you need is an account, there is no need for huge capital, the market is rich; these are the same reasons that millions are also riding the wave.

This does not mean that it is impossible to succeed in social media anymore—by all means, it is still the most efficient platform. However, you must be ready for competition—lots of it. The only way to thrive is to stand out, and you can do so by using the best practices and constantly developing your craft.

7.The Algorithm is Constantly Changing Without Warning

The algorithm is highly unpredictable, and it is the backbone of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. The rules of the platform can change without a warning, and this is why you need constant monitoring and analysis. Keeping up with the changes is a huge challenge in itself.

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