7 tips to help your social commerce plan Or Tips to Bolster Your Social Commerce Growth

With more than half of Asia Pacific’s surfing through eCommerce on their smartphones, retailers and brands are becoming savvy enough to deploy eCommerce to their rescue. The social web has become a significant part of everyday life. Platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest are making people spend hours scrolling through their feeds. The numbers are rising exponentially and social media marketing is on the rise. Social media marketing in Singapore isn’t a new concept for marketers. However, social commerce is becoming quite the hype. Why?

More than one in four users deploy social media to find products online and make a purchase. Do you think that’s all? No, it isn’t! With digital transformation dynamically revolutionizing traditional marketing, social commerce has become the new mainstream. So, without further ado, let’s find out what social commerce is and how you can make your social commerce strategy seamless!

What is Social Commerce?

Social commerce is primarily the use of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc to promote and sell products. Irrespective of how simple the definition seems, implementing it is pretty simple when you are working with an agency for social media marketing in Singapore. In a nutshell, the technique is used to bring eCommerce functionality straight to your social media platforms without any hiccups. Examples of social commerce include the retail store pages of Facebook where users can browse and shop without leaving the platforms and the buy options on Pinterest and Twitter.

In a world where thousands of new users use social media sites across the world, social commerce can facilitate consistent audience growth and increase retail revenue by several degrees of magnitude.

Seven Tips to Amplify Your Social Commerce Strategy

As compared to 2020, global eCommerce sales are forecasted to grow exponentially in the next three years. When eCommerce is on the rise, selling on social can be your next step to feeling like that dollar-sign-eyes-green-tongue emoji. How? Well, if you are new to the social commerce forefront, here are seven tips to get started. Dive in!

1.  Deploy an AI chatbot to streamline your sales and customer service. Believe it or not, a swift answer to your customer’s queries can bridge the gap between sales and an abandoned shopping cart.

2. On social media you cannot simply toss your catalogue on the feed and forget it. For an impeccable social commerce experience, you have to remember the social part and engage with your followers.

3. Create a social media persona by collecting customer data and turning it into valuable insights about your target audience.

4. Take advantage of discovery features to build brand awareness and bring your products closer to your potential customers. Done right, discovery-based social commerce can do wonders and bolster your business growth by leaps and bounds.

5. Test the shopping features launched by social commerce platforms like Instagram. Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest and more. For example, let’s take Instagram. It has launched many features like Instagram Shoppable posts, Instagram business, Stories Shopping, Guides Shopping, IGTV, Live, and Reels shopping to bring the customers closer to the store.

6. Keep the mobile-first approach in mind and optimize the social commerce experience on mobile.

7. Run giveaways on social media and leverage different marketing tactics to increase user engagement.


Around half of the global customers have claimed that social media has influenced their buying decisions. With more and more people leveraging social platforms to shop, providing an impeccable social experience has become the need of the hour. Social commerce strategies don’t just apply to large B2C businesses, they also work for B2B brands. However, to drive the most out of your marketing strategy, ensure to hire the leading agency for social media marketing in Singapore.

From cultivating brand awareness to enhancing your brand credibility, the right social media marketing agencies in Singapore can curate sure-fire ways for your business to drive up sales.


1. Can social commerce improve SEO?

If you are adding social commerce as a string to your social media bow, it can aid you to increase your SERP ranking and drive brand awareness.

2. What is the difference between social marketing and social commerce?

With social commerce, you can sell products directly through social media networks. However, with marketing, you are redirecting users to an online store.

3. Can a digital agency help in lead generation with social commerce?

Yes, it can.

4. Is social commerce the future?

Social commerce can accelerate customer decision journeys from awareness to purchase. So, it is the future because it streamlines purchasing process with a personalized experience.

5. Is integrating social commerce into my marketing plan essential?

If you want to make sales, undoubtedly it is essential.

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