8 Tips to Navigate the Global SEO Landscape

When you seek to compete in a global market, the sheer volume of competition can be daunting. However, SEO experts have a list of steps that will allow you to thrive even after search engine optimization in Singapore expands to the international arena.

1. Check your potential in your target market

Any expansion venture should merit a study. SEO consultants in Singapore recommend checking with Google Analytics for your website ranking in countries where you want to establish an increased presence. Singapore SEO agencies will also check with their best keywords, to see how much of a demand there is for your products/services in that country.

Singapore SEO agencies spend much on research towards the target market, and that would be applicable if you will mount a global expansion.

2. Diligently Profile the Competition

Singapore SEO service is usually very competitive, and with that, you should also analyze the level of competition in the new country. Is the market too saturated? The best SEO experts will reasonably advise to engage in markets with higher demand and less competition.
Mounting an expansion is a big investment, and the global environment presents challenges as much as opportunities. SEO experts in Singapore would advise you to pick your battles and choose the most profitable location with least competition.

3. Optimize Your Website for the Global market

Your website is your window to the world. SEO experts reiterate that for a website to be globally acceptable, the tone should be neutral and organic, not tied to a place. One of the important elements of a global website is the hreflang attribute. This is how you communicate to the search engines your website’s language, so in turn they can rank your content in the language you want. It’s a whole topic of discussion, but the hreflang is one example of the adjustments you need to make if you want to operate globally.

4. Translate Your Content if Needed

Aside from hreflang for the search engines, you would also need to translate your content. The best SEO service in Singapore can offer content production packages, and translation if necessary.  Google and other search engines have translation features, but for bulk content and accuracy, SEO consultants should be able to provide feasible solutions to execute this, just in time for your planned expansion.

5. Conduct an international keyword research

You’ve identified your primary competitors, so it’s time to determine which keywords they are indexed for in your target countries and to select the best ones to use for your SEO. SEO consultants in Singapore use tools to check on the successful SEO companies regarding the keywords that they use. This method also applies in the global market.

6. Utilize different search engines

Singapore SEO services may be geared towards Google, but that is definitely not a global standard. There are many other search engines in the world, and for many major countries, Google is not always the default homepage. Yahoo! may be wiped out in the US, but in Japan, they still have a significant chunk of the market. In South Korea, it’s Naver. China also has Baidu as their go-to search engine. The top SEO company in Singapore is aware of these differences.

7. Building links

This is a global SEO strategy, and SEO agencies in Singapore can form connections to have verifiable backlink information. If there is a language barrier, you may need to outsource a resource person in the local market for a list of relevant sources with high domain authority.
SEO experts in other countries can be hired for translation and backlinking as well, and they already know how to navigate their cyberspace to avoid spam sites and identify the anchor sites.

8. A Community for Your Brand

It may be hard to replicate the strategy of your local SEO, especially when we deal with building a community for your brand. However, the top SEO company in Singapore understands that it is a necessity to localize your brand. Short of having a team based on the new market area, local social media managers offer their services through the net.

If you can find personnel to research and familiarize with the culture, or even partner with a local SEO agency for insights, translations, and engagement on the site along with social media management, that could be the key for global SEO success.

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