How to Improve Your Google RSA Conversion Rate?

Digital marketing strategies are instrumental to the success of modern-day businesses. As customers become digitally savvy, enterprises in Singapore must expand their online presence. An SEM service can help your business navigate the exciting yet competitive landscape of search engine marketing. Today’s consumers search for numerous things online and the results they see can influence their buying decisions. That is why businesses are increasingly spending high amounts on search advertising. According to Statista, the projections for ad spending in this segment suggest a spike to $542 million in 2022. The statistics also indicate that this spending will rise by a CAGR of 14.9% between 2022 and 2026.

With the marketing budget for search ads reaching astronomical highs, digital marketing managers must ensure that their company is getting a bang for its buck. Ensuring high conversion rates from search ads is critical for efficiently managing your marketing budget. Google’s “responsive search ads” (RSAs) are excellent for optimising your success with search ads. Let’s break down the details about RSAs and understand how to grow your conversion rate!

Google RSAs: Breaking Down the Basics

Google describes its RSAs as adaptive ads that change to show relevant messages to search engine users. A business can add multiple headlines and descriptions while creating the ad. Google then tests varying combinations of these components to identify versions that suit different users. Adaptive displays of advertisements can deliver personalised experiences for the customers. These tailored experiences, in turn, can potentially boost conversion rates for the business.

The RSA Advantage: Here’s Why Responsive Online Ads Can Help You Grow

Digital marketing in Singapore is a crucial factor for competitive advantage. As the digital battlefield heats up for businesses, strategic digital marketing tools can serve as your differentiator to grow. Here are the top benefits of using RSAs for your business:

  • Higher Conversion Rates: Google’s internal data indicates that RSAs are more successful in generating clicks and conversions than ordinary search ads. RSAs drive up to 10% improvements in these figures, driving better returns for your business.
  • Easier Ad Testing: RSAs can help you reduce the time required for testing different ad copies. Tactics like A/B testing can be time-consuming and costly. In contrast, RSAs can help you test various ad copies without spending extra time and labour in creating unique combinations.
  • Seamless Ad Optimisation: Machine learning algorithms drive seamless optimisation for your digital ads. It quickly learns what customers like to see. Then, it ensures maximum impressions for the ad copy having the most favourable elements. This real-time optimisation approach is excellent for engaging customers.
  • Flexibility in Ad Creation: With RSAs, you no longer have to think about perfectly matching your headlines and descriptions. You can create sets of headlines and descriptions that relate to your business. Google’s automated algorithm will manage the rest by mixing and matching these options. 

Getting Started with Google RSAs

The perfect digital marketing strategy involves a combination of multiple tools and tactics. There are many ways of boosting your paid ad strategy. Digital marketers often combine SEO and SEM to create a winning approach. While search engine optimisation (SEO) serves as the backbone for your paid ads, RSAs act as an added layer to enhance their optimisation factor.

Here are the steps you need to set up your RSAs and start acing the conversion game:

  • Open your Google Ads dashboard
  • Choose “Ads & Extensions” on the page-menu (left-hand-side)
  • Select the “plus” icon
  • Select “Responsive Search Ad”
  • Input the final URL
  • Add the display path text you want your customers to see
  • Add three to fifteen headlines
  • Add two to four descriptions
  • Choose the “Save” option

Google provides flexible options to help you edit your RSAs or track their performance with ease.

Tips to Enhance RSA Efficiency for High Conversion Rates

  • Create Easily Matchable Ad Components: Google may mix up your headlines and descriptions in any order. Hence, you must ensure that they make sense no matter how they are combined. Do not prepare a specific sequence for your ad copies. Instead, focus on developing appealing headlines and descriptions that are lucid for your customers.
  • Test Your Copies with Ad-Level KPIs: Google provides impression volume data for different ad copies. However, you must go beyond this data point to create high-performing ads. While RSAs offer the option to create up to fifteen headlines and four descriptions, you need not set up that many elements for your experimental copies. Instead, you can create RSAs with just three headlines and two descriptions. This approach will help you narrow down the ad components and identify low-performing elements. As a result, you can weed out inefficient ad components and drive better performance with your RSAs. This strategy is complicated to execute. Hence, you can contact an SEM agency in Singapore to improve your RSA testing approach.
  • Combine RSAs with Broad Match Keywords: Google’s Mey & Edlich case study shows that combining broad match keywords with RSAs and smart bidding algorithms can generate the best returns for your business. Broad match ensures that customers will see your ad even when they input a related search term rather than an exact one.
  • Pin the Most Relevant Headlines: Google offers greater control to users by allowing them to pin specific headlines or descriptions. After testing your experimental copies with ad-level KPIs, you can pin top-performing assets to drive better conversion rates.

Now that you know how RSAs can transform your paid ad strategy, it is time to start optimising them right. A professional service for SEM management can help you generate suitable data and make accurate interpretations that make your ads stick. Reach out to Fenzo Digital, the award-winning digital marketing firm in Singapore, for designing a seamless RSA strategy today!

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