How to Promote Your Brand Using Instagram Posts Effectively

“A picture paints a thousand words.”  This old saying still stands true in the age of Instagram. With almost everyone having a camera phone and a reliable internet connection, people nowadays can create and share amazing photos in an instant.  Without the need for deep and lengthy captions, these pictures effectively convey messages and spread like wildfire to your social network.

If you’re thinking of a way to effectively promote your brand without saying too much, get ready to paint your marketing words through Instagram photos.  Doing social media marketing in Singapore won’t be complete without using “Instagram-worthy” photos to catch the attention of your target market.

Here’s a simple guide on how to promote your brand and drive sales through Instagram marketing.

Quickly Move to a Business Account and Optimize it.

To make the most of Instagram, you have to get a business account that will give you access to business features and Instagram Insights. Don’t forget to optimize your business profile. With just one quick look at your Instagram page, people need to know the basics about your business: a brief description of your products or services, your contact details, your credentials, and a link to your company website or online shop.

Before You Post, Your Content Think If the Post Add Any Value to Your Followers

Creating an Instagram Business Account is just a warm-up for the intense work-out. Now, it’s time to flex those creative muscles and start thinking of Instagram posts that your target market will love. People on Instagram want something that can give them ideas or mentally satisfy their cravings. So share creative and professional lifestyle photos that will highlight what’s great about your brand. Share Instagram posts that show everyday scenarios,  as well as fun culture or lifestyle where your brand can stand out.

Don’t Only Rely On Instagram, Share Your Content On Other Social Media Platforms

The more, the merrier. It’s a cliché that still works in the world of social media marketing. Maximize your content by sharing it across multiple channels. The wider the network it reaches, the better. When it comes to cross-posting content, use a scheduling and publishing tool to make your life easier.

Try to Engage With Your Followers and Build a Connection with Them

To turn followers into loyal customers, you need to start a relationship with them.  And since it’s impossible to ask each of these followers on a coffee date, you’ve got to make friends with them by engaging with them at the very least.  Respond enthusiastically to their comments. Run a fun online contest that will reward them with a giveaway product. Make a special shout-out to followers who care to like and share your posts.

For more strategies on how to engage with your followers, you can consult a social media agency in Singapore.

Not Only Monitor but Measure Your Success As Well.

You can’t be complacent in the world of Instagram.  You have to work on maintaining your success by keeping track of your current standing. Make use of social media analytics tools to get the information you need.  Once you gain your audience insight, you can already set your goals and plan an optimized Instagram posting schedule.

Don’t Forget to Cooperate With Other Micro-Influencers

Whether they’re celebrities or new content creators, influencers can help you reach a wider network. Influencer marketing is another huge ball game, and it may require a lot of tasks such as coordination, screening qualified influencers, and monitoring reach. Digital marketing agencies can help you in this area.

Optimize your Hashtags, They Are Extremely Important

Don’t underestimate the value of hashtags. When you hit the appropriate hashtags, you’ll realize that it really helps in sharing your posts. So experiment on both industry and branded hashtags which can make it easier for people to find your brand based on their interests.

Explore the Tagging Features and Implement it Effectively

Other than hashtags, another effective way to promote your Instagram posts is through tagging.  Tag brands, locations, or your followers when applicable.  Tagging others to your posts that are relevant to them can widen the reach of your content.

Instagram Stories Can Take You to the Next Level

Instagram users get excited to use different features of the platform, so take advantage of Instagram’s features like the popular Instagram Stories. Stories are a good way to share user-generated posts or the behind-the-scenes moments of your business.

Paid Promotion Can Boost Your Conversion

While organic posts are great, you can also always rely on the benefits of paying to promote your Instagram post. This helps enhance your audience targeting, boost brand awareness, and track your success. When using Instagram to promote your brand, keep in mind that your followers like and engage with posts that add value to them. Make their social media time worth it by adding quality content to their feeds. Follow the tips above and make the most of your Instagram marketing.

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