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LinkedIn Search Optimization: Understand How It Works, Optimise Your Profile

LinkedIn Search Optimization

LinkedIn is by far the largest professional online networking platform. In a way, it is a social media platform with extended capabilities. Besides connecting you with friends and family, it facilitates the expansion of your career’s gamut by connecting you with industry professionals, potential employers, work colleagues and other professional contacts. If that is something you already knew, it shouldn’t come across as a surprise to you that just like any other social media platform, LinkedIn too has its search algorithm. If you know how it works, you could capitalize on LinkedIn’s immense potential to land yourself new clients or, maybe, a new job. So, let’s delve into how LinkedIn SEO optimization works.


LinkedIn SEO algorithm and how to SEO your LinkedIn profile

Besides connecting you with your other people and finding interesting content that you may like, the LinkedIn algorithm also lets other users find you or your business – a great deal of convenience if you’re looking to generate new leads, grow your business, or augment the visibility of your personal brand. Here’s how LinkedIn’s algorithm works.

The basic premise of LinkedIn’s algorithm is ‘personalization and relevance’, i.e. LinkedIn’s feed brings you content that is related to your personal connections and that which is of interest to you. The second factor at play behind the working of LinkedIn’s algorithm is promoting user engagement. Showing users content that is highly relevant to them would surely encourage them to continue using the platform. Next are the ranking signals. Along the lines of Google and its algorithm, LinkedIn also uses certain ranking signals to determine the relevance, priority, and audience of the content. The most important ranking signals are the number of Connections, the relevance of content, and engagement.


Implement LinkedIn SEO; Here’s how:

Here are some of the most useful LinkedIn SEO tips to help increase your LinkedIn profile’s search visibility.

  1. Use keywords– Do thorough keyword research and include those keywords in your LinkedIn profile that your target audience is using in the search. Implement the keywords in your profile’s Headline, About, Experience, and Skills. Also, supplement these sections of your profile with additional relevant information that projects what you do.
  2. Add more Connections– Having more Connections on LinkedIn is likely to lend high visibility to your posts. As a rule of thumb, having at least 500 Connections increases the chances of your profile appearing in LinkedIn search and your posts being shown outside of your immediate network.
  3. Publish optimized content and post new content frequently – Make sure the content you post has keywords and is SEO optimized. Also, post updates more frequently.


The conclusion

Have you been one of those LinkedIn users who, despite having a LinkedIn profile for ages, hasn’t capitalized on the immense potential of this networking platform? Have you ever pondered the question, “does LinkedIn help SEO”? If yes, you probably have the answers now and know very well that it’s about time you revamp your LinkedIn profile and make it more SEO friendly.

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