Promoting eCommerce Using Social Media Platforms

eCommerce is an extremely fast-paced industry, with many digital marketing agencies taking advantage of this growing field.

There are lots of winnings to be made within this new field, but how do new brands cut through the noise and make themselves known?

The answer is social media. The best social media marketing Singapore agencies know how to utilize these platforms to reach new customers and form deeper connections with old ones.

As an eCommerce business, social media is your greatest tool. Below are eight ways to use it to your advantage:

Connect with Micro-Influencers In the Market.

Influencers are powerful figures. According to Seedly’s figures, the cheapest Instagram post costs about $75 for micro-influencers who have about 2,000 to 10,000 followers. 2,000 followers is already a sizeable amount and can provide a lot of leads for small businesses

What’s more, influencers already know what kind of content works and what doesn’t; this puts less pressure on your team to come up with content from scratch.

You Can Actually Run a Contest

Social media is all about generating noise around your brand, and running a contest is a great way to do so. The beauty of contests is that there are lots of ways to do run them. You can:

  • Ask followers to comment on your posts
  • Ask followers to send videos or photos of themselves
  • Ask followers to repost your content on their page and tag friends

You can even also go with a combination of all three! Contests are an engaging way to amp up your marketing while still making sure your customers get something out of it.

Your Product Video is Vital

Streaming giant Vimeo recently launched their Vimeo Create service that caters specifically to small businesses who want to easily create stunning promotional videos for their brand. The video presents new opportunities for brands to be creative with their marketing.

There are lots of stories you can tell with videos: you can show how customers how to use your product, feature satisfied customers, and more.

Visuals Play The Key Roles

People are highly visual creatures, and any trusted social media agency Singapore knows that such platforms naturally lend to that. Product videos are a must, but remember to switch it up a bit and include some photos as well.

Time Out’s list of Singaporean typography studios showcases the continued rise of this art form. Leaning on visually appealing typography is a great way to sneak in some text on your social media feed, such as when announcing a contest as mentioned above.

Use the Features of Boosting for Your Posts

Social media platforms have gotten savvy when it comes to the advertising power of their sites, which has led to the birth of enhanced posts.

Simply put, you pay platforms like Instagram and Twitter a fee to boost your post across their site. You can choose which posts to boost, and how long to boost them for. This tactic allows you to reach customers from various segments.

Do You Have Social Proof? Showcase Them.

Sprout Social defines social proof as a psychological tool wherein customers will naturally follow where the masses go. As far as digital marketing is concerned, this means highlighting user-generated content such as reviews and testimonials.

User-generated content is typically not paid, although you do have to ask for consent before posting your customers’ reviews. This lends a more authentic feel to such posts.

Try to Be As Consistent As Possible.

In line with the highly visual nature of social media, social media marketing Singapore experts underscore the importance of keeping things concise.

Your average consumer scrolls through hundreds of posts in a day, and will only spend a few seconds looking at a post. As such, your captions need to get straight to the point. Being consistently concise builds a persuasive brand tone, as your company comes across as a confident leader in your niche.

Hashtags Are Very Important

Hashtags have gotten a lot of flak for being a social media gimmick, but they’re incredibly useful for tagging your posts and making sure they reach your target audience.

As with the previous point, the key is to keep it concise and limit yourself to a handful of hashtags per post. Create a list of the most relevant hashtags and use these regularly to bolster your brand’s presence.

Digital marketing expert Neil Patel maintains that the average consumer spends two hours on social media every day, and this figure has likely risen in light of the global pandemic.

Indeed, the current COVID situation has accelerated the growth of eCommerce brands around the world. You need to work with an expert social media agency in Singapore that will take all these steps and create a marketing plan that’s tailored to your company.

Remember: social media marketing may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

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