Update Your Website Design With These 12 Plans for 2021

The last year 2020 has forced most businesses to go digital, so everyone can safely do business from behind their screens. But before COVID-19, Statista’s data predicted global e-commerce sales would increase to $4.2 trillion at 2020’s end. Twenty years from now, 99Firms predicts that 95% of all purchases will be done through e-commerce.

Every purchase begins with a website design that engages and sustains your customer’s attention. Not sure where to start for your site’s overall look and feel? Expert website design agencies would know-how, so we’ve gathered 12 trends from their expertise for you to consider.

Improve Your Ecommerce UX to Help Your Users.

The quality of your e-commerce user experience (UX) can make or break a purchase on your site. To improve your chances, ensure every element on the site makes it easier to find the product or services you offer. Divide your top menu into categories that will help narrow down their search. Add related product recommendations at the bottom of every product page.

Utilize Modern Photography and Graphic Design on Your Website.

The photograph can show your brand’s story, while the graphic completes or enhances the tale. The image manages your customer’s expectations of the product, while the graphic lists down any information they are looking for compellingly.

Customer Needs to See Creativity in the Photography of Your Products

With no brick and mortar store for your customers to see, touch, and smell the item themselves, you need to step up and recreate this experience with experimental product photography. Stay top of mind with surreal product photos that play with bold colors, strange backgrounds, and weird elements that enhance the item.

Asymmetric Layouts is Trendy Now But Makes it Creative.

Applying an asymmetrical layout sets you apart from all the sites that default to the grid guide. The lack of symmetry allows users to interact more freely with the movement on your site, whether your design uses bold color combinations or a dominant image promoting a special product release.

Smart Content Loading is Something that You Need to Look Into it Now.

The large images and bright graphics on your site may impede the loading speed of your site. This does not mean you have to compromise a contemporary design for a fast loading site. Consider using the “lazy loading” approach, a common practice among one-page sites. This means that the content on your site unfolds or loads as the user scrolls down the page.

Keep the Design Smooth

The year 2020 continues to challenge everyone. A website with calm neutral or pastel colors, minimalist design, or white space helps relax customers amid the year’s uncertainty. With the virus still around and everyone recovering from its effects, 2021 is best welcomed with soothing design elements that give everyone a break from the news and the noise.

Choose Gradient Backgrounds

Gradients are predicted to make a comeback in 2021. The gradual blend from one color to another will add depth and texture to your site, whether it’s viewed on a large laptop screen or a mobile screen.

Don’t Forget Your Abstract Shapes.

Gradients work well with abstract shapes as a background to large, short blocks of text that discuss a company’s details. The shapes work well on light and bright colors without distracting readers away from the point of your message.

3D Elements Increase the Engagement.

Don’t let the two-dimensional nature of your site limit its possibilities. Add immersive 3D graphics or videos that will keep customers exploring more of your site. It levels up the kind of interaction you have to offer, while also keeping your brand top of mind.

Use Embedded Video to Make your Website More Interactive.

Embedded videos that play automatically keep your site visitors engaged and not clicking away to another tab. You also save on space with a short video that can reveal more about your company, such as how it started or the product’s production process. Scroll down the Pottery Barn website and you’ll see the Christmas decors come to life in a background video.

Bigger Headlines and Titles

You only have a few minutes—sometimes seconds—to make an impression on a first-time visitor. Large titles are short enough to catch attention and keep them scrolling to read further. Pair a huge title with an informative, smaller, and slightly longer description to bring them further down the funnel.

Don’t Make Your Footers too Detailed

Footer designs will be just as important as your main landing page and top menu. Holding relevant information customers or clients need such as contact details, you’ll want to invest in a footer that matches your overall design.

Want to know more about these trends? Are you curious about web design in Singapore for the Southeast Asian market? Small to medium business owners will benefit from consulting a website design company based in Singapore. To know more about what a combination of the trends can do for you, contact us at 6788 9008 today!

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