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What Is Digital PR and How to Boost It

Everything has gone digital today–digital payments, digital meetings, even digital marketing. And you’ve probably heard of digital PR too. Think of it as the traditional public relations, except it happens online. Today, every business that has a website needs an online marketing strategy in order to grow. Digital PR is a great tactic to incorporate […]

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Tips for Choosing the Best Font for Your Design

Choosing the right font is crucial for a lot of reason. It can instantly enhance the look of your website design and transform average marketing collateral into something extraordinary. But, it can also become an unpleasant experience for the reader/audience and damaging to a business’s reputation if not done right. Truth be told, a lot […]

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10 Things to Consider for Your SEO Strategy in 2019

2018 was the year that Google surprised thousands of digital marketers by how drastic the changes are in ranking sites. For instance, when they utilized AI for over 30% of the search queries made in the said year – which now means having a million links on your website won’t guarantee that it will rank […]

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10 Things to Consider for Your SEO Strategy in 2019

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