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How to Design the Perfect Logo- your logo is your identity, who do you want to be?

Before you dive head-first into logo creation, here is a short guide you can use before you start engaging digital marketing agencies to kick start your project. A logo is the face of every brand. According to Forbes Magazine, the brand logo tells customers what exactly your brand stands for – your personality, culture and […]

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5 reasons why nobody reads your content and how to fix them – make sure your digital agency in Singapore are not making these mistakes

Racked your brains and spent hours creating THE perfect blog post only to see it land on the 67th page of Google Search? Or perhaps you’re sick of consistently having high bounce rates? If you’re a content creator, you’ll know full well that getting readers to read your content is difficult. Writing a piece of […]

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UI/UX Trends That Will Dominate 2021 – Web Design That Stands Out

In this digital age, trends come and go in the blink of an eye. Your brand could be hip and happening one minute, and passé the next. The same goes for website design in Singapore. On top of regular web maintenance to keep your site in tip-top shape, web elements need to be regularly updated […]

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