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What Colours Are Right For Your Brand?

Have you thought about how colours affect you? Do you tend to feel uplifted when you see the colour yellow?  It is what it is because colours reflect light and symbolise energy, and interplay with the state of mind. As a business owner, understanding colour psychology is paying it forward! How are colours important? Research […]

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Evoke Emotional Power In Online Creative Content Creation

“Read our earlier post on manifesting brand empathy.” It’s not very often you have a stranger offering you a genuine smile. But, if you do, the chance of you returning the smile is pretty high. In that moment of giving and receiving, however brief and slight, an emotional connectedness is formed. Online creative content creation […]

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6 Tips to Level Up Your PR in Less Than 20 Minutes per Day

Public relations has come a long way from being just a sales strategy to an art form. And today, it also has become more and more popular as an inbound marketing and SEO strategy. Bigger, more established businesses hire a PR firm to make sure they look good. But as a small business owner without […]

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