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How to Score It in the Digital Experience Economy

We love to talk about journeys. Exchanging travel stories, and the journeys of our lives can build a connection, and turn strangers into friends. With the virus and lockdowns, you and I, more than ever, have gone completely digital to carry out tasks of daily living – grocery purchases, food deliveries, banking transactions, and uhm.. […]

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How to Express Brand Empathy

People feel vulnerable now. Many have to live their lives in the digital cloud, often not by choice. Just like a human, a brand has to learn how to be + have at every level of social evolution and crisis. We think that to do this well involves a trait called Brand Empathy. Empathy means […]

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What Colours Are Right For Your Brand?

Have you thought about how colours affect you? Do you tend to feel uplifted when you see the colour yellow?  It is what it is because colours reflect light and symbolise energy, and interplay with the state of mind. As a business owner, understanding colour psychology is paying it forward! How are colours important? Research […]

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